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Love Belongs In Every Home….
January 6 2003

And just when I thought all was ok that the Diary wasn’t typing away every day, all heck has broken loose! Alas, the band is forcing the Singer at gunpoint to… gulp, TOUR! Help!!!!!! ok…only joking. firstly, lemme right this ship. the previous tour info from November (that was quickly taken down) was incorrect and a journalist HAPPENED to ask the Singer about it. the line ILL CANCEL THIS SHIT was actually part joke, part serious. There’s NO WAY he could have done those dates so close together. BUT…AND ITS A BIG OL BUT, the dates have been spread out so that we have tons of days off…and the Singer has approved of this tour. so please yall, dont think our management are slave drivers!

now, to our wonderful fans that stand behind the group, we totally appreciate it and its great that you all think of the Singer and his health and those things. So do WE. yep, we dont want anything bringing anyone down to the tired level. thats why this up coming tour of 25 dates (with a few more to be added in europe), is being done in 65 days. thats 40 days of nothing but east enders. see, there are markets and cities we have yet to play and, having a new live record out that needs to be promoted, we are charted to play these markets and expand the fan base.

now, YOU may have seen us 100 times but eddy smeddy in Falmouth hasnt and he also wants to buy the record and all those nice things. unfortunately, LOVE never toured like this in the 60s and 70s so now, if LOVE is to be successful, we must work for it, but of course, WITHIN REASON. And thats why this tour, which has MANY days off, is going to be quite expensive and we arent jacking the prices up. the flip side would be to come and play 10 show and charge twice as much and no one wants to do that. it isnt in this spirit of the fans or the group.

So allz i am saying is, give the boys a bit of credit. no one is desperate as to put the Singer out there to tire every night. it isnt worth it. And hey, sure, hes 58. but, know what? i want to be that agile and talented and healthy at 58! this tour is gonna be really great and after it, other than festivals, i dont think we will be hitting the UK so soon again. (and then people will post about how come we arent playing the UK anymore!) so, lets everybody enjoy this new year and all the good it brings. we (LOVE) are shooting for high things this year. unfortunately (or fortunately?) that requires a bit of hard work to get this name where it rightfully belongs…

Mike Randle


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