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The More You Drink, The Better It Sounds
January 4, 2004

“Holding Cell”

well, it’s now 2004 and i take it everyone got what they wanted for xmas? as promised, i am working on the best of 2003, which, by my account, is an all around on the best moments of last year (like Karl playing trumpet at Big Hands!) Some one has been playing tricks on California and making it rain but atleast it didnt rain on the Rose Bowl where USC has claimed its part of the #1 college football team in America. Who cares about Oklahoma and Louisianna? Those states dont count anyways. well, if youve sent me an email and i still havent anwered it, fear not; i am not dead (yet) but have been very busy. recording and stuff and finishing this solo record, BARSTOOL BLUES, and funny thing…LOVE fan, Kevin, emailed me saying something about the more you drink the better it sounds bumper stickers and i thought wow what a nice one to steal and place on the new record? i mean its true…even if you are sober… so its the first steps of 2004 and once again wacko jacko is in hot water with little boys. is anything ever gonna change? now, i dunno if you all get the news like we get it but wacko was complaining that he got laocked in the bathroom in the santa barbara jail. now, let me clear up something for you; holding cells have bathrooms. they put wacko in there ALONE, which they only do for celebrities and jeffrey dahmer. but the santa barbara police ARE guilty of locking the door. Mike is right, they locked it on him. why? BECAUSE ITS A FRIGGIN JAIL, WACKO……they lock them after they put you in. well, hopefully wacko wil get over that littel episode…ok now then more on that best of very soon…its coming along in a very funny way but takes time cause i have to really think about it and stuff…happy new year everybody…

Mike Randle


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