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The One Armed Juggler
January 23, 2004

thank you to people who emailed the freedom man such nice things asking for the diaries. i wasnt quite sure i wanted to continue them. it’s true. i discussed it with management. i was ready to throw in the towel. i’d had enough and i just could keep up with the amount of emails i was recieving (most of these, by the way, are LOVE related questions and after the last NEWSLETTER they died down) and i was trying to finish this record and finish last minute LOVE recording sessions and playing in S.F. and just going bonkers in general. but freedom man sent me the letters and i shared them with management and we both agreed that, with a great tour coming round, this would be a bad time to stop writing! so, though it’s a challenge, i will write up this experience we will endure that is going to last for 10 weeks. wish us all luck! now that that’s out of the way, you must know something. we, once again, have to watch the SUPERBOWL in England, which is like eating tacos in france. Now, our hotel has a big screen TV but the game comes on at 11:30pm Brit time. So, once again i must convince the bartender to keep the bar open and the game on. unless it comes on tv in our rooms, which would be great. i have to look into this. next thing is, how much money do i bet on the Carolina Panthers? now, i aint saying they are gonna win but Vegas is giving up 7 1/2 points to them as underdogs. 7 1/2 points!!!! and i see N.E. winning by a touch down. but a touchdown (assuming you make the “Point After Attempt”) is 7 points. So i would win by a 1/2 point. and you dont have to go to vegas to get lucky. you can go to www.betonsports.com and there you are. and so, there i go, corrupting people. and i hate rubbing things in but the weather has been unbelievably beautiful this entire moth, pretty much. but next week it gets hideous, as we trek it across the fabulous British countrysides. welcome back, MOTO, we missed you…

Mike Randle


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