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Yards Are Go
January 15, 2004

well, it seems like ol Chris Helme (guitarist/singer of the YARDS) got interviewed by a Leeds music paper over a few pints! naw, just kiddin…he was spot on. nice fellow, great talent that one. and i had fun playing some guitar on their new record (i think it comes out early summer) while i was in York for thanksgiving. and dont miss this guys with us on tour. at first i though we were touring with the THRILLS (esp. after caryne told me as much) but then we both realised she had made a mental typo and i should have known better, as the Thrills wouldnt be opening for us now would they?

well, today i am flying to the city by the bay..you know, when the lights go down in the city….and the sun shines on the bay? oooh, i wanna be there…in my city…whoa whoa…who oh oh….they say, theres been times out on the road without you….without your cha…aaaarm…whoa…oh oh yeah..la la la la la la… whoa whoah wo oh oh…

ok, had to get that out. so i am off to the CITY. um, wait. see what folks need to know is this; if you call SAN FRANCISCO frisco they will strangle you. its either S.F. or THE CITY. nothing else. and JOURNEY loved it so much they wrote LIGHTS about the place. so there. now, i LOVE SF but i would want to live there. too small, too much fog & the weather is crazy. 1 minutes its 80F and hot. then the fog rolls in and its 65F and chilly. but i do like anchor steam beer. especially on tap. and TOMMYS JOINT, on van ness & geary! yum. a big ass pastrami sandwich and a pitcher of Anchor steam and a huge plate of cole slaw. see, had Saddam played ball he could be eating at Tommys Joint. but he had to go and challenge a lunatic like dubya…speaking of which, whats the countdown like now till old george heads back to crawford texas? less than 10 months? well, im sure he;ll get his buddies as much money from the taxpayers as possible before he splits. you gotta love it; take from the sick & poor and give to the filthy rich…what a concept…see what happens when you cancel Freinds?

Mike Randle


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