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The Puck Stops Here
September 16, 2004

So, I ran into a pal of mine today and he was a bit depressed cause Hockey season appears to be f—ed for the season. Seems the bosses and the players are disagreeing (again) on how to split the hundreds of millions on dosh. This happens in all the major sports here in the USA an, well, a strike happens and it turns into a big mess. But see, the Economy ain’t doing so well so these hockey guys may find that the WORKERS at the venue, Joe and Ruth Regular, are gonna be ass’d out of a job. That’s something to think about when you’re a hockey player kick in’ back in your million-dollar mansion tossing soundbites off to ESPN like it’s no big deal.

Now, i know some of my friends will say, “Mike, how come you didn’t take that position when Baseball, football and basketball went on strike?” I’ll tell ya why, boys; See, hockey doesnt have the TV ratings, nor does it generate the kind of money those other sports do. but, and this is a FUNNY but, they MAKE 10 TIME MORE MONEY on average. (ok, i made that up. but it FEELS like it…) But i’m not really on top of it so i dont know. I enjoy watching a good hockey game. i REALLY love English Premeire football and wish we had more of that (on our cable network, we get about 20% of the games, but 2 days late) but we don’t.

So, that’s really all i had to say. I wanted to talk about Traci Gold and Michael Jackson and Courtney Love (now THERE’S a piece of work…oh sh*t, i heard she GOOGLES herself every 5 minutes so i better chill…) but the best thing tonight was catching back to back episodes of SEX AND THE CITY. See Samantha has this lover and he’s, like, REALLY fab, ok? But, the problem is, when the NY Knicks LOSE he can’t make love. but when they WIN, dang, watch out. So Samantha is totally rooting for the sorry-ass Knicks (who ALWAYS LOSE) in hopes that her boy will be in an exceptional mood. And that brings me to my next topic; men and sports (or should i say, MEN AND MOTORS? wink, nudge, England)

See ladies, when a man’s team wins, he is the best at everything. HE MADE that team win. His dedication, his rooting, his cheering, his swaying, his emotions. You’d think his team were giving birth! But when they suffer a loss, he suffers it as well. he mopes, he snaps, he sulks. Yep, he’s just a big old baby. he won’t feel better until he goes out and gets pissed with his mates and they all agree their team got cheated. That’s called love. And that aint bad…

Mike Randle


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