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September Gurls
September 15, 2004

I met Alex Chilton about 10 years ago in LA when he was hanging out with Teenage Fanclub. I was (and still am) a real big fan. He did a show at UCLA back in ’93 that Rusty and i thought was amazing. I was totally moved. The next night, my friend, Denny, said he caught the same show in Santa Barbara and said Alex was awful; he just didn’t give a shit. And that’s sad. What can you do? i would love to work with Alex. or would I?

Ok, it’s safe to stop emailing me about if Dave Green, Chapple, Rusty and I are still in the LOVE unit. We are. No one has told any of us otherwise, least of all you-know-who. i did, however, send a nice email to the poster (whom i’ve always considered a gentleman) about how not to play into the sad sad rumor mill that some people like to generate (not that HE generated it. He was making a kind statement.) But i think it’s best we concentrate on rocking the USA and leave the B.S. where it belongs; on the grass.

At one point, i thought we’d have more new songs to feature on this tour, as that was the plan, but i dont think you can count on that now. Maybe next time? let’s hope so. We (the 4 of us) do our best yet we still can’t see around corners. it’s the wonderful and caring support and attitude of LOVE fans and BLEM supporters that really make it worthwhile. That, and the sweet memories of us onstage when we are REALLY fantastic. But that takes dedication, focus and courage. We’ve worked very hard to achieve that in this band. And we very well expect to deliver that 2 weeks from now.

Mike Randle


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