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Thonx Fer Lukin Ahfter Mah Boy, Hannah
November 19, 2004

That’s wot Mum said to Han that day we came by. I’d forgotten to mention it, yep. See, My Mother’s a Texas gal, born and bread, Catholic-serious till she was age 30. She moved to LA in the early 1960’s. After successfully owning her own travel agency, she retired a few years ago and now makes sure her garden is right and when she’s not looking Julian and me steal tomatoes. Sometimes he’s her little gardener helper. I mostly steal tomatoes and red peppers. ok, i steal green peppers too.

but, as i said, it was nice for Hannah and my mom to meet and it to go SO dang well and i still feel good about that. I’ll meet her folks next month when they fly out to Dallas to be with her Texas relatives (all this Texas stuff!)…n oh, next week me Hannah and Laura kelley (who’s Dad, Dennis, was an olf pal of LOVE and the BYRDS) are drivin out to Vegas to spend the thanks giving HOLS with Laura’s folks, Dennis and Dori.

I know all this sounds silly and gossipy n stuff but, gee, if everyone wants i’ll stop writing. NO? ok, COOL, i’ll keep it up. Ah..democracy in action…you vote, i’ll count…you just TRUST me…SOOOO…the was it tuesday? or wedsnday? i was recording demos and then i got real bitchy for the whole day and i’m surprised Hannah didnt smack me right in the balls for just being an icky boy, complainin and stuff. Oh, it’s cause we rented BRIDGET JONES! i was fisgity but guess wot (sorry boys) I LOVED IT! ok…I LIKED IT! but still i think Rene was great, just amazing and the rest of them Brits werent half bad. leave it to a Yank to speak properly…

Well, jackie B has me cracking up 24/7 and i’m sad i aint on the computer more often, as i’m working now on music writin and recording demos and stuff and i just am dead tired n stuff…but i love those jackie b STAINES emails (er, Staines is where ALI G is from and also JACKIE B is from, ok?)…Staines is off the THAMES (pronounced TIMMMMMMZ, you f*ckin FCC fellers…oh, FCC aint on the DIARY’S TIP? mah bad…dang, yall) ok so i’m done ‘keepin it real’… see my handbook had gravy stains (not Staines) and i guess i misread it…speaking of gravy , anyone talk to Richard Meehan lately? everytime i think of gravy i think of that take away curry near his Bath Road flat (uh oh, Richard; the girls all know where you live…clean that f*ckin place up, mate)….but that’s another diary…oh, did i mention that it’s mah birfday and i’m COMPLETELY pissed?

Mike Randle


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