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A Real Piss-Up
August 9, 2005

Every now and again you stumble onto something great. Einstein’s theory of relativity is one of them. King Tut’s tomb is another great example. Last week, Hannah and me was meeting our friend, Laura Kelley, for lunch on Santa Monica Blvd. and Yale street. We thought long and hard about where to eat and then it hit me; SHAKEY’S! See, Shakey’s os not only a pizza parlour but it’s also Ye Public House, so they also have beer. I had the unfortunate luck of biting down and cracking off part of one of my molars a few days ago so i was on painkillers (as i don’t have insurance, which is one of the perks i left behind along with my old job as an asst. mgr at an indie record shoppe, to play music full-time) and couldn’t fully enjoy the experience. BUT, i can share with you the fact that Shakey’s has this incredible deal i think you should know about.

basically, from 11am to 2pm (M-F) and noon to 5pm (weekends), for $3.99 you have all the pizza you can eat, all the pasta you can eat and all the salad you can eat. and also pitchers of beer (which i terribly unfortunately had to pass on) are only $3.99. So, for $8 plus 8.25%tax (actualy, that’s really $3.99+$3.99, which is $7.98. multiply that times 1.0825 and you get $8.64) you can have one hearty meal and eat as healthy (or unhealthy) as you like. There are tons of choices, including several veggie ones and also my fave, which is the Hawiian slice. i must admit, the salad bar is short on toppings (maybe 10) as well as salad dressings (3; ranch, italian, 1000 island) but for my money (and i only spent $4.25, which is the tax from $3.99) and my (free) glass of water, where i come from that’s called a dead-serious DEAL. that was good fun.

but after that Hannah and me caught the short bus ride to lincoln and got me some oragel for my tooth. then we went over to the Cock and bull but ti wasn’t happy hour so we trekked it over to the Bitter redhead and BOY was it happy hour! Not only did we recieve 2-for-1 drinks (we had Stella…no I HAD stella, hannah had miller light), but the new owners (from Boston) bought us a round so we were stylin. by the time we left (and we’d called rusty and lucy to pop down but they couldnt make it…nothing like sharing a good deal with friends!), it was about 8pm and we walked home (15 min. walk) and had salads later on for dinner. but all in all, we spent (collectively) about less than $28 on TWO people for the whole day, which broke down liek this:

$ 3.00 -bus fare for 2 people for 2 bus rides (4x 0.75)
$ 8.50 -2 Shakey’s deal
$ 1.25 -Hannah’s free refill Diet Coke
$12.00 -3 “2-for-1” sets of $4 each Bitter redhead deal (plus we got a free round)
$ 3.00 – tip for the nice waitress
$27.75 total to eat and get drunk and completely piss one day away. cause, every now and again it doesn’t hurt and every now and again it actually helps.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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