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A World In Chaos!!!!!!
September 21, 2005

Everything seems to be going mad and stuff and no one knows what to do or where to turn (or at least they think) but one thing is for certain; tomorrow possibly many questions will be answered. That’s right, that one really and serious thing you have been asking yourself shall finally show itself and we can all judge for ourselves, what’s true and what’s a lie. what’s real and waht’s fake. That’s right, tomorrow, at 8pm PST the Season premiere of LOST!!!!!!!!!! YiPPPPPPPPPPeeEEEEEeeeEEeeeeeEe!!!!!!

I am like SOOOOoooooo into LOST it’s not even funny, ok? And now, we get to find out what’s going on since the last episode of the last season. i dont know about you but I am totally stoked. So, i am gonna make guacumole and my house mate, Kate, is getting chips. Hopfully Rusty and his lovely gal, Lucy, will join in. My soulmate, Hannah, is in Dorset watching the first season (Peasant!) while we American fat cats leisurely watch teh island continue to go bezerkoid.

Ok, lemme say this for the rekkid: no, i dont read the messageboard but thanks for asking.

I shall continue to write diaries for my friends and people who i consider friends (even if i havet met them!) and leave the messageboard hippy-freaks to themselves and their fantasies.

personally, i am really into this LOST thing and i could give a monkey’s what anyone else thinks. anyone who knows me knows what and who i am about so i aint gonna plead anything. it is sad that Torben’s once-cool-thing has become what it has but hey, ce la vie, right?

now on a different front, i recieved a very interesting email from a German fan. I cant print his name (or his email) yet, as he hasnt given me permission (he hasnt asnwered my email reply to his) BUT what’s interesting is this fellow was at the German festival we played. But wait, there’s MORE. He went on to say it was a wonderful gig and he and all his friends loved it (wait, where was this guy when the Dutch guy was dissing us BIG TIME?…oh, i guess not all Love fans have that much pessimistic time on their hands…) and that he had (get this) a DVD of the show and offered it to me for (pay attention, Alun) FREE! Yes, some people DO have a soul!

So I asked him if I could be obliged to reprint his email, just so that some of the cronies could have something to debate! Yes, let them debate! and HATE me with all their might. yes, i am that awful bastard. PLEASE hate me. And i hope it makes you feel better, you complete nutters! aOH MY god….people (and when i say people, you know who you are…MOST of you)…if you only knew how completly nutty these cronies are. The emails…why do they even still bother? I understand the high price one pays with being honest when dealing with a popular person but, jeeezzz C’MON already! GET a friggin life! Leave me alone. Go Away. i dont even check my emails anymore. which is sad because most of the emails are encouraging to the band. And then there are the mindless cronies. And the person who calls my house and hangs up. EVERY FRIGGIN DAY. Cronies go away…POOF! POOF! POOF! POOF! POOF! Leave the good vibes and real love to the ones who were always there when the band needed em.

on that note, i am off to make my guac…..peace to everyone (even you rascally cronies, you right buggers)

all the best,

Mike Randle


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