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Girls Girls Girls
September 10, 2005

I had the best time last Saturday. Jazmaan had a musical extravaganza at his parent’s home to sort of send off the summer and he knows some really good musicians. No, some GREAT musicians, not to mention his son, Dexter, who is an incredible and intuitive guitar player. To see Dexter hang with some real heavyweights made me proud, as I’ve seen Dex grow as a guitarist. I was proud myself to play bass and let the other guitarist do their thing. My boy, Jules, was wreaking havoc on everyone (like only he can!) and the drinks and great grub was flowing. Jazmaan’s lovely daughter was filming the whole thing (she didn’t seem to happy about that!) and later on there was a piano jam. More of life should be like this; music and friends and food.

I went to my local cornershop and they are always advertising Steinlager beer for $4.99 a six-pack yet they never have anym which I find dead annoying. And there is never a sufficient answer. The bloke I asked regarding this, told me some story about how it reminds him of his girlfriend, him being out of Steinlager. So i’m like, what do you mean, man? and he gives me some speil about how you are led to believe that the store has steinlager but then it doesn’t so you have to settle for something else or settle for nothing.

So i kinda got what he was saying but i got the erire feeling he’d had a good time with a Trannie…and maybe wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. who knows. all i know is Michael Brown from FEMA got sacked like Kerry Collins did in that Raider’s game last night. ‘Ol Brown’s past finally caught up with him and appearently it was revealed Caryne had as many credentials to run FEMA than Michael Brown and would have gotten the job except for the fact she has a tattoo on her arm (among many!) that says, “I don’t want that f*cking FEMA job!”

So i sympathized with my Cornershop guy. he’s got some lady issues (or maybe quasi-lady issues?) But i know the frustrations with the gals. My girlfriend is a godsend. Just a wonderful sweet and lovely woman. But she has her wants and needs, especially when she’s here in LA and HEAT magazine is out and she HAS to have it. But she’s also a darling cause she knows when i need a pint and says, “Mike, get a pint…on me…you NEED one” and I never ever argue. That’s a good one, her. Her nice necklace that she’s had for years broke a while back so i just arranged for it to be fixed so i think she’ll be all smiles to get it back.

Ever sell something on Amazon? Well, I sold a book i really loved and i have no clue why i sold it but i did and then a year later i wanted to buy another copy and so i ordered it off amazon and guess what? yep. same book! what are the chances? the person who bought it put it onsale after a while. I was ready to see if i could get it at the library. but now i guess i’m covered. and geeeez..was watching that Playboy show…what, “Girls Next Door” on E!? (this show is ok’d for me to watch by Hannah so nah nah nah!) and i’m moved by the dedication and emotion those gals from teh Mansion display to show their love and care for the old man in the robe. I feel awful for the guy, as he’s got 7 girlfriends. HOW THE F*CK can you win seven arguements? you CAN’T.

I was thinking, the only way we’ll win the war on Terror is if we can somehow convince Al Qaeda to take on Bush in their ranks. i figure, after a few months they’ll be bankrupt and have more catastrophes than they can shake a stick at…with friends like Dubya we don;t need enemies really…i guess one thing we can learn about all this is that hiring your friends may not be the best thing…so how many people think Hillary versus Condi in 2008? I am very surprised by the number of Dems I know who are thinking Condi. And I’m going, you are high! Not that i’m saying Hillary’s the one but Condi was the Security Sec. 9/11 happened on her watch. I don;t think she’s wholey to blame but i will say if there was someone in that job that felt they could freely criticize the president or his policies, they would have used that lattitude to hsake shit up and i think the country would be safer for it.

The suspicious-type Government like we have in place now works in a way that’s very very dangerous, methinks. NO ONE who’s an insider criticizes this Administration (unless they are a safe distance away) because no one gets a job in this there unless they play ball. Hence, Colin Powell, THE ONLY TRULY WORLD-WIDE RESPECTED PERSON IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION is bye-bye. And C.P. is laughing. And they figured, f*ck him! Well, they sure could use old Colin now because Bush’s approval rating is looking like Shaq’s freethrow percentage…below 40%….peace out

all the best,

Mike Randle


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