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Do The Math
January 10, 2005

So, with it pissing hammers n nails Hannah and me made it up to Blockbuster and rented Sean Of The Dead, which was spot on funny, man. We watched it with (my housemate) Kate and drank some beers. After that, we…wait BEFORE that we went to Big Lots (which we pronounce with a French accent so it sounds like “Beej-Loo”) and bought some mouthwash and batteries (for my Poker game Han bought me) and then headed over to the Santa Monica Music Center for blank sheet music.

Then we watched more of that tv show that Han’s obsessed with, LOVE IS IN THE HEIR. I don’t know if I mentioned it but Arthur called me last week and he sounded like he was getting better (his ribs are still sore, appearently), we chatted for about 20 minutes and he sounded positive, like he understood what we (The Band) need to do to be a great band, not just a good band. He was made for the stage, i gather, and i think playing with Baby Lemonade made it more fun than ever for him, and it’s fun for us. I think, if we all could set aside things and commit to a QUALITY GREAT record of new material, we would be on the next level soon after. People keep emailing me and asking about new songs. We either gotta shit or get off the pot. LOVE fans shouldn’t have to settle for less.

So i feel ‘cautiously optimistic’ about our chat. I do have a different take on things in that, in the last 4 months i’ve learned to be careful in who you trust. In this business, we get approached by some real characters. I never know who’s on the up-and-up and who’s for real so it’s like dating, you know? You have to be CAREFUL. And so, despite waiting out the LOVE train, Rusty and me chugged full steam ahead and took on a project writing songs and producing some stuff in Jan. and Feb. But, see, in this business you have to be smart and the people we are working with flew us out to Boston properly. They didn’t just TALK. But there are times when people approach me and try to completely bullsh*t me. it happens. And it’s just like a date, ladies, when the guy is wooing you and talking and going on and on and you ask yourself if the guy is for real or is he just a bonafied bullsh*tter.

The music business is JUST like that. Everybody TALKS but only a few people DO anything about it. That’s why it’s best not to brag about a project or talk about what MIGHT happen until it ACTUALLY comes through. Otherwise you could get your heart broken, cause there are people out there sick enough to play you just like that. So, ladies (and Creative types of both sexes), keep that in mind when Casanova starts dropping lines about this and that. real people don’t need to lie or brag or inhance their stories. And that goes for business AND romance.

Mike Randle


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