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Princess Ann Claire Chronicles
January 5, 2005

The granddaughter of HIH Princess Shams of the Pahlavi Dynasty, Princess Ann Claire

Well, while I was in the studio all day today, Hannah was out at the 3rd street promenade for Victoria’s Secret’s clearance sale with her nice gift card, armed to the teeth with the shopping experience and the will to find that perfect girly apparel. She also found (finally) the latest issue of MAGNET magazine, which has a really great and amazing story on Elliot Smith but also features cool articles on the Kinks, Jon Brion and …ME! Yes, me, dang it all…

See, whilst we were on tour the wonderful folks at Magnet interviewed me in a slightly hungover state from the front of the tour bus while Kose was smoking and chatting with troels about who knows what. All i could hear was, “yeah man, but cummon, dammit Troles…” But i continued the interview. Even when Johnny Echols bought a CD when he thought he was buying a DVD i stayed in the Bus and continued the interview (which may have saved me from that awful Utah food…fear not…i have no fans in Utah) And the magazine made concessions when i couldnt make a photo shoot in Philadelphia and so they sent a great bloke names Joe to shoot me at my house and that’s the white and blue striped couch from our living room in the photo in the mag. Yep.

So, today hannah went searching for her futre best pal, Princess Ann Claire, the gal from LOVE IS IN THE HEIR, as she’s the mid-eastern air to some throne or another and she wants to be a country artist and we watch her show religeously and hannah LOVES her show though and never misses it and so she trakced her down, got her address and everything and sent her a nice note so we’ll see if Princess Anne will be at dinner at some point. SOOOO….be a pepper and go and get that MAGNET issue. Elliot Smith is on the cover and his story is a very sad one. Everyone should read it (some more than others.)

And on a last note, everyone, please keep in your thoughts, marcus, the 2nd cello player with brian wilson. he’s the swede that plays alongside Anna. He was on holiday with his girlfriend in thailand and after the devastating tsunami, she was found injured (and now back in Sweden, against her wishes – she wanted to stay and look for him ) but marcus is still missing. I believe in miracles so i am inviting all those who wish to participate in a very positive prayer to guide and watch over marcus in that he is rescued safe and sound.

Mike Randle


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