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Don’t Call It A Comeback
June 13, 2005

After thinking a lot of things over I came to the conclusion I really liked writing the ‘Diaries’ and the Blog just wasn’t the same and wasn’t really inspirational. So, I’m not gonna worry about the politics and jealousies and just do what I want and be done with it. if anyone enjoys it, hey all the better. if you don’t like it that’s fine too. The Diaries are PURELY for entertainment purposes only so please do me the favor and keep that in mind.

Now, to answer a few questions…YES, David Chapple WILL be at all shows playing bass. His beautiful daughter (Stella, born in Feb!) and wife are doing fine and no, I don’t know if he named her after his favorite lager…Hung out with Daddyo a few weeks ago at his house and went to a pub with Chapple as well. We’re all up for the SF shows. I’m really excited that Johnny plays with us. We all are. I think less evil happens when he’s around!

The record Rusty and I produced/ partially co-wrote by Jillian Wheeler ought to be out soon. She is set to tour the states, 40-plus shows, from June 25 to August 15. she’s got a crack band behind her and Gwen Stefani’s musical director so I think she’s in good hands. i just wrote out much of the music and chord charts for the band and fax off to them so that the tunes can sound as close as possible to the record. Oh, she also just turned 14 on May 25 so her whole creative life is right in front of her. And I must say, adults could learn from Jillian’s professionalism and willingness to learn and prepare 100% before stepping into a studio. even though she didn’t bring a noticeable ego into the studio, she brought a serious ‘srat-like’ quality on the record. And David Nolte played some kick-ass bass on the record! So fingers crossed that Jillina’s record is a success and also biggest thank you to everyone who looked after me when I needed it most. THANK. YOU. And to the few of you (no more than 3) who were cruel and classless, well, I think your own negativity is your reward.

Rusty and I and Daddyo and Chapple have been writing songs and well I’ll leave it pretty much at that but it’s fun and great and it’s also nice that cool, influential people in the business are encouraging us more and more. That’s a really nice thing, something we appreciate. there’s also been the never-ending Baby Lemonade Retrospective idea that we never seem to take further. I hope sometime this year a small label works with us to get something out, which would be nice. The first Baby Lem release was in 1992 so damn it’s been 13 years now, innit? Well, we’re always serious about moving forward and being positive and we’ve been blessed with the best music lovers in the world that come and check out the live performances of Love. Let’s hope the remainder of 2005 carries some really great things and no more disappointments.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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