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Moonwalking Back To The Ranch
June 14, 2005

Welp, MJ beat the rap after a good 8 weeks in court. Now i hope all these parents and molestation victoms get the picture and please stop bothering the King Of pop with such frivulous junk like a trial in Santa Maria. Pahleeeeze! Listen, when you either sell many records or people love you cause you’re either famous, a genius or just someone that made music that people love, you can get away with anything. There’s one rule for you and one rule for THEM and you better never forget that, folks. Celebrity talks and justice sure walks.

now back to the important stuff in life. Hannah and me were at the mall eating lunch when we got our Jacko text from court tv letting us know the verdict was an hour away (it turned out to be 90 minutes away actually) so we wolfed down our burgers and hopped the #8 bus and soon were home in 10 minutes. we sat down and listened to that verdict with Rusty to our right. That sounded about right. My guess is the boy has bugger up a truckload of boys and now, more than ever, he’s got the greenlight to get busy with half of Santa Maria’s 13-year-olds. Good luck Jacko, you lucky bugger.

Tomorrow’s Hannah and Julian’s birthday so ive got to get on my P’s and Q’s and get it together. The weather in LA these days is the June Gloom of clouds and stuff but the sun usually breaks out about noon. But in the UK when the temp. gets to warm and stuff Jackie emails me that Staines is ‘just like Santa Monica’ which I of course answer that ‘it’s not’. Can’t fool me on that one. Well, even more of a reason to keep an eye on your kid….signing off…

all the best,

Mike Randle


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