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Full Metal Hangover
June 27, 2005

well, on Saturday Hannah, Rusty, and I went to visit our pal, Laura, who lives in Burbank. It was her birthday so we dropped by and stayed till 10pm. I missed a call to my mobile from the new guy but had left my phone in rusty’s car. we got home about half ten and there was like NO traffic which was amazing. Hannah and me had a few disagreements after some wine and we don’t clash that often but sometimes couples need a knockout drag out and we had one of them. But everything turned out fine in the end and that’s all that matters. We were both wrong and we both admit that so no harm, no foul. we were drunk, man. and we don’t do that but once in a blue moon.

Sunday morning we woke up hungover and Hannah was WAY hungover but she was so sweet and nice to me and made me a cuppa tea (PG tips!) and a bowl of cereal while she enjoyed a Mars bar that you can only get from the British tourist shopped on 2nd street next to the King’s Head pub. Seems the USA have all but stopped selling Mars bars. If anyone knows where we can get some more (other than the Brit store, which sells em for $1.30), please do let me know. Had a phone chat with Jazmaan, which was funny. He just bought a new car and was driving around when I called. i called his house first (he only lives up the road from me) but his wife said he was out, which usually means he’s got his IPOD cranked to lord knows what. Then I got a really funny call from the new guy which i’m sworn to secrecy on so no leaks this way but i DID laugh my tail off for sure. yep.

Hannah, Julian and me went to main street for the summer solstice festival where there were some bands like that Doors tribute band, PEACE FROG, which seems to either have Carlos Santana playing guitar or an uncanny resemblence. We picked up some Potatoes from ONE LIFE market and an ice cream for Julian. Then we headed to see one of the other bands that had a violinist singing and her backing band were ‘Cowpunk’ i think. the whole summer solstice parade of talent was fairly sorry and sad-sack. Wildflour pizza was giving away slices and of course the line was full of DEADHEADS. but their pizza sucks the big one anyhoot so those guys could have as much as they wanted if you ask me.

After that we headed back to the house and i started some laundry as well as started getting my stuff together for the UK shows. I made some homemade ‘CHIPS’ from the potatoes and grilled soem burgers so classic cheeseburgers on a perfect summer day. Hannah’s brother, Ben, had rang me to say Glastonbury had all kinds of Mud problems and boy was I GLAD i wasn’t there this time round…oh, i smashed my pinky so i can’t play guitar for a day or so. it’s not serious but i know i need till thursday to heal. it bent back a bit in the maundry basket when my fingernail got caught inbetwen the basket weave. it hurts all right.

Watched a bitchin’ episode of FIGHT FOR FAME. have you seen this? oh man, it’s great. its mostly lousy actors (wannabees) competing to be famous. the usual stuff. but this lot is god awful and you get cramps in the sides just watching them audition. Bush is a much better actor than any of these people on Fight for Fame. oh, Hannah and i shared a bag of Doritoes in SF both days we were there. We figured if it’s good enough for Saddam its good enough for us. and last but not least, Hannah’s AC plug for her laptop had broken, the wires had broken or something. Dave “muthaf*%kin Mac Gyver” Chapple fixed it with some chicken wire and tortillas i think. Heck, i dunno what he used but the computer works fine now…and it’s a few more days now till the tour. Gonna miss Hannah madly and she flies to Texas in a few weeks for her cousin’s wedding. Bummer that i’ll miss that, as wedding food is really good.

Mike Randle


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