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Funny Story
June 17, 2005

So, back in 1992 Baby Lemonade was playing one of it’s first few gigs (possibly the 2nd gig we ever played) at this venue in West LA called CLUB RADIO, which sits next door to the LIQUID KITTY martini bar on Pico, just east of Bundy and west of barrinton. Dont look for the CLUB RADIO caus eit aint there no more. But when we played our show (to a packed house) the owner had found out that she was losing the club die to a huge hike in rent. So she bought me and some other folks shots of tequila. I dont know why i allowed myself to get drunk before a show (and it goes to show how little respect i had for myself at the time and the audience) and lost it onstage, destroying a beautiful $2500 Les Paul I’d bought just 4 months ago from a friend of Dr. Dre’s for $200. I smashed the thing into nearly a hundred pieces and walked away. The next day I was embarrassed and sad and apologizing profusely to my friends and bandmates, and thank God those guys forgave me. No one even mentions it these days.

Well, the club owner, Jennifer Kelton, saved the Guitar pieces (actually, Luigi, the from Suicidal Tendencies punk group, had grabbed the biggest chunk, but he gave it back eventually) and dropped them at my house. I wound up trading the peices for a nice Marshall amplifier with my buddy, Guitar Svengali, Bobby Carlos. See, not only is Bobby an amazing guitarist but he’s like the guitar tech to the Stars (Prince, Stone Temple, Tom Petty, Eagles). So, two years after the ‘incident’ and ‘trade’, Rusty and me went over to Bobby’s house where he has a virtual guitar-building shoppe set up. He’d completely fixed the guitaR. YOU COULD BARELY SEE A SCRATCH it was unbelievable!

Time passed and i hadnt seen ol Bobby for ages. Then, yesterday, in the supermarket I ran into him and he told me he’d been out with the Eagles all year. Not only that but turns out Don Henley plays my own sunburst Les Paul on DIRTY LAUNDRY every night! Everyone loves the guitar, appearently. And Glenn Frey warns Bobby NOT to let Joe Walsh play the thing, as he’ll offer Bobby a fortune and take the guitar forever…so Bobby hasnt allowed Joe to play it. But it’s a fave with the Eagles…and i guess he told them the story as well…this guy that plays lead guitar with LOVE….see he smashed…

Mike Randle


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