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Summer Comes To England
June 19, 2005

Talked to Hannah’s mum today (as well as emails from Richard meehand and North London Hilary) and she confirmed for me that the weather in ‘old icebergland’ has taken a turn for the hotter and i’m sure all of Britain is complaining. 80F and the whole nation’s sunbathing. Ah, the benefits of Global Warming! Well, I was at Julian’s soccor (Footie!) game today and they won fer crying outloud! they are now 1-1-1. Julian goalied the last 10 minutes of the game and stopped THREE goals! go Jules! Hope to have photos soon like every other dumb Dad. And he was so good and i tried to tell him but all he wanted was some ice cream and then he just wanted to talk about Star Wars.

Hannah fell asleep on the couch while i was watching Austin Powers for like the zillionth time…that gal took me to HOOTERS yesterday for lunch, which was really sweet of her. She’s coming up to SF and she aint ever been before so that’ll be fun. Will be great to see Johnny again. Touring with Johnny, he just makes you smile. He’s like the most ‘at-peace’ human you’ll ever probably meet. Also, there’s a real competition on tour between Johnny and Glenn for Candybars backstage. Yep, those two guys have sweet tooths and the level of competition has gotten right outta control if you ask me…

Been going over some of my guitar parts and stuff. I been writing songs lately and kinda forgot some of my things I do that the horns/flute/harpsichord/strings and God knows what else instrument i TRY to cover! But it’s fun and people always seem to smile a bit more when they hear their favorite part and I like making sure they don’t get short changed. i do my best to do my best. I think we all do, honestly. And i think maybe that’s why the performances are really fun and great, in my opinion. From the lead vocals to the drum solo, we are in sync and it feels great and that’s the i think it works best. Dang, we been playing in this thing really since ’93 when LOVE was making peanuts and when i say peanuts i mean peanuts. things must have had gotten really bad since the old golden days cause when we got on board damn near every bridge imaginable had been burned. but we steadily, one gig at a time, got this baby up and running and we do try to have every show be great. I certainly remember some great shows we’ve done. She might remember a few yourself…

now, as I type, this Austin Powers is getting sillier and sillier but if i change the channel to, say, g-string divas on HBO i think Hannah will hear that and wake up. Not that she even gives a monkey’s! but it’s something about when i guy finds a channel that has ladies taking out their Babylons…well that’s when they wake up or turn over or cough or something that makes you change the channel back to Sports Center. Actually, X-Men is on so i’m gonna watch that. Look forward to playing the City again and i encourage everyone to come out and have fun and see the whole show. The opening band is Corsica, i believe. I bet you’ll like em so check em out. They used to jam with Noel Redding. Ok, who’s going to Tommy’s Joynt? And who’s got a head band for England…oh shooy, nearly forgot: LITTLE BRITAIN COMES ON BBCA now!!!!!! whoooohoooooooooo! peace out….

Mike Randle


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