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Here’sssssssssssssss Johnny!!!!!!!!!
February 5 2005

Photo by The New Guy

Well, i think it would be really great for the UK to see the one and only Mr. Johnny Echols. Having had the pleasure to not only tour with him but hang with him in the recording studio a few times, i’m personally quite excited about these possibilities. I mean, how many people get to play onstage with someone who REALLY respect? This guy is the picture of class and his chops are still amazing, circa ’66!

I think, anyone who has come to the LOVE shows before, really, you aint seen nothing. And it really occurred to me at the CoachHouse show (when Johnny sang some of the lead vocals MORE THAN CAPABLY) how it must have been back in the day…and this whole time we’ve played WITHOUT THE GUY! WHAT were we thinking? Despite how awful that show was, the thing that kept it together (and what kept me from walking off and going home) was Johnny’s ability to go into overdrive and compensate for the ‘problems’ we had that night. So, i say, bring the UK on and three cheers for Johnny. Trust me, after you hear (and see for yourself) the YOUR MIND solo you too will think it’s 1966 again. And again. Or.

Mike Randle


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