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Uk Meets O.C.
February 12, 2005

well, last Tuesday Rusty and I met up at the Bitter Redhead with Tina and Lizzy B from the U.K. and Susan B and Cheryl from the O.C. and had a bunch of STONE IPA’s and good conversation. It was good seeing the Brit gals, as i’ve only ever seen them on the Quen’s soil. Have been holed up the last 5 weeks in recording studios all over the city, co-producing a very talented singer/ songwriter, who is just 3 months shy of her 14th birthday. I have been coming home every night and going to bed just after 10:30 pm, but only after chatting up Hannah, who gets up at 6:30am (Brit time) to work at a bank. Am so friggin tired, man.

Then this guy next door turns his radio on every morning at 5am and wakes me up. I’ve decided i’ve had it and am going to leave a polite note in his mailbox. He seems nice enough. Oh yes, once we have proper posters i’ll do a legit diary advert but don’t miss the Mike Randle solo acoustic show at the 12 BAR in London, March 15th and at Fibber’s in York, March 18, both shows with Danny Slack. Copies of Barstool Blues will be onsale (as well as on the upcoming tour) so get yer copies while they’re hot. It’s raining here in LA by the way, but Hannah got Julian some really cool black pirate Wellies so at least HE’S sorted!

well, gonna get off this studio computer and back to work. am dead knackered. signed M.R.

Mike Randle


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