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It’s Toe Gumbo For Kanye West (An Open Letter)
September 3, 2005

Dear Kanye,

Poor NBC. If only they’d asked me if putting a microphone and camera up to your pie hole was a good idea before actually doing it I could have saved them the embarrassment of you making them look like idiots. Now, you’re used to looking like a dumbass, as you showed clearly last year at the Grammy’s; you practically started up the ramp to get the award, only to hear “And the winner is GRETCHEN WILSON!” You went bananas and lashed out at the talented country singer and the Grammy committee, saying stuff like, “everybody knows I shoulda won that award”, pretty much inferred that the Grammy board were racist, took your ball and went home to all those freaky hotties you keep by the jacuzzi.

When I saw that I wasn’t really surprised because I know a thing or two about watching babies not get thier way and taking their ball and going home so i figured out fast that one of two things would happen; either you grow up and realize the fame and 15 minutes aint gonna last forever and therefore stop making enemies, or just believe the hype and start treating people like sh*t and acting (and saying) whatever you feel.

(note: Spend a some ‘quality’ time around ‘catagory 4’ ego maniac and you soon see how difficult it is to reason with one.)

There you were, Kanye, on that telethon with Actor Mike Meyers, trying to raise money for the Hurricane victoms and their families. This is serious business and there’s no time to waste. Instead of reading the teleprompter (like everyone else) in order to solicit donations (especial from his fan base), dude, you go ballistic saying “Bush don’t like black people” and “they’re telling people to shoot at us” and a bunch of other inappropriate nonsense. Even if you were correct, that wasn’t the place for it. All it did was alienate people who might have first wanted to give to this charity event. Man, you totally screwed up. Again.

But for a Grammy Boy to run his smack like that, one has to wonder if you got an anger problem or if you truly are a victim of your own celebrity. You probably think people care what you have to say, huh? Why, because you hang with Snoop? And I really like your single, Gold Digger. it’s a nice track. So sing why don’t you. But leave the politics to politicians, Kanye. Especially since you haven’t a bloody clue what you’re saying half the time you’re running that pie hole of yours. Oh, and wait till they call your name before you get up to accept the award.

all the best,

Mike Randle


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