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Mike Randle


Keeping The Peace
August 18, 2005

Dear friends, as with most tours, at the end we usually have a month or two ‘down time’ that we generally spend recording as well as doing our own things. We have been busy at work on some things that I prefer not to publically speak about at this moment. it’s unfortunate that some people take that silence (as well as a silly RollingStone article taking the mick in good fun) as a reason to shout “I told you so!” and what not. I haven’t been to that board in ages but if it’s down to people taking the piss and others defending the Love band, by all means please let the critics have their run. At the end of the day the Love Band (with Johnny Echols) will have the music with a new record and Johnny can continue to play live the songs he contributed so beautifully to. We don’t have to spin doctor because we don’t need one. As people will soon see for themselves what’s real and what’s not. But all I ask is that the incredibly supportive fans, the ones that has always stood by the group through thick and thin, please don’t be bated by some people who take joy in tipping applecarts. I wouldn’t wish someone to recklessly screw their life around, nor would i make light of their situation. Everyone take a chill pill and keep it real, ok? Great.

Mike Randle


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