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Mike Randle’s Non-Celebrity Non-Fit Non-Club 1
August 24, 2005

target weight: 164 lbs
actual weight: 175 lbs
today’s date: August 24, 2005
next weigh-in: August 31, 2005

Having been inspired by Harvey and his Celebrity Fitness Club cohorts, I have decided to change my eating/exercise habits (although I eat fairly healthy and exercise every day) in an effort to bring my weight down to 164 lbs. That even means changing to a light beer or to find one that has the fewest calories but can also retain a reasonable amount of flavour. Heck, I just hope it TASTES like beer. I like wine but it tends to dehydrate me more than beer. And I really like beer.

I need to keep my calorie intake below 1,850 calories a day. I ride my bike a minimum of 3 miles every day and i walk a minimum of 1 mile every day. If I can keep the ‘Cals’ down I think I should be able to lose 11 lbs over a period of time. I’m not shooting to do it over night but I figure if I can lose the weight by October 1st that would be nice. That gives me 5 weeks to lose 11 lbs, which is tougher than it seems, as I’m so close already to my target weight my body may make it rough for me but I am going to follow the regimen set by the Health Speciallist on CFC and stay below the Calorie threshold. Add my regular exercise into the mix and I theoretically ought to lose the targeted weight. Today is the 24th of August, which is coincidently the 2-year Anniversary of Hannah and I meeting so Happy Anniversary, Boo!

Wish me luck, everybody!

PS- If anyone wants to join in, by all means help yourself. You can post it or do it in secret. This is a positive experiment and so even if i lose nothing and fail to reach my target, at least i would have made some positive changes in my life and health. Cheers!
all the best,

Mike Randle


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