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Mike Randle’s Non-Celebrity Non-Fit Non-Club 3
August 26, 2005

Day 2 (Aug 25)

Woke up this morning and stretched so my hamstring wouldn’t explode when I went bike riding again. At about 10 am got a wonderful phone call from Bryan McLean’s mum, Lizzy. This was my first time ever having a conversation with her but wow, is she a sweet and SOOOOO together lady? She’s managed Bryan’s business affairs since his passing (not to mention things she did on his behalf before he passed away) and shocked me with her talk about (computer music recording/editing program) PRO TOOLS. But it’s not like she does the Pro Tools stuff, but it’s certainly like she’s more hands on than anyone ever thought. So, know that one day she’s gonna release some Bryan demos and stuff never heard before and it’ll sound good and proper. So I took that phone call over a cup of coffee with milk.

so that was about 10 Calories.

Had to get going and chat with my gal, who’d sent me the sweetest cards, both with Puppies on them! After I showered I had to get to Westwood for a very important business meeting. Went to lunch at supposedly a health conscience place and I ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad. What I didn’t know, BLIMEY, was that it was 714 dang Calories! Now, that might work out for Fritz and Cleveland, who’s mother-in-law is Sicialian and makes a killer Linguine and clams, but that can’t fly on my watch. But I didn’t know so I was already behind the 8-ball, which meant less beer for the Jax/Falcoln NFL football game.

After that I went home and then biked it for a 2 mile ride plus a trip to Von’s market. I worked on some projects, some songs and then caught VH1’s top 50 biggest breakups (for like the 10th time). Then I made dinner for myself, which was leftover chicken (no skin) from the other night with onions, cilantro, tomatoes, pinto beans (from can), lettuce and 4 corn tortillas. Based on my input estimates on www.calorieking.com I wound up with the following:

4 Tortillas (corn) with no oil, just in the oven: 220 Calories
Chopped Onion (10% of a cup): 5 Calories
Cilantro (10% of a cup): 1 Calorie
1 half a Roma tomato: 5 Calories
Lettuce (10% of a cup): 2 Calories
Pinto Beans from the can (33% of a cup): 89 Calories
(note: fresh boiled beans have 60% less calories)
Boneless Chicken, Chopped up (about 5 oz.): 170 Calories
(note: 90% of the calories are in Protein form)

(I considered using cheese and the cheese I prefer is the 25% less fat kind, which can do 4 or 5 tacos at only 80 calories total, but I decided against it, so I could have a few lagers…)

that’s 1,216 Calories (not counting beer)

Had I not had that salad I’d be in much better shape to watch the game with impunity. Unfortunately, I had to limit my lager (Miller High Life) to 4 12 oz. bottles. Each bottle was 146 damn calories.

That left me at exactly (believe it or not) 1800 Calories, which allows me another piece of fruit before bed, which i may or may not do. (probably not)

So, 1800 Calories. But, dang, I feel guilty. Ok, I actually had 5 beers so really I’m really 96 Calories over my target. I don’t know how this will affect my diet but i’m human and sh*t the game was good and I got caught up. I’M A MAN, bless it all!!!!!!

Ok, alright, I’ve picked myself up. it’s not so bad I don’t think. honesty is the best policy so I’m gonna try to keep it like that.

so, Mike Randle

1,946 Calories

all the best,

Mike Randle


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