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Diets Are Boring/ Go Spirit!
August 29, 2005

Well, I’ve kept with my diet and I’m floating on 170 lbs for the last few days, which means I’ve lost 5 pounds. but I can’t seem to lose more than that 5 no matter what so maybe i’m meant to be there. anyways, it SEEMED like a good idea to monitor my diet and all that jive, online and stuff, but it was hard work and dead boring. nobody wants to hear about the crap i’m eating and i don’t blame ’em. Been writing and stuff lately, done a few big paper interviews (wait till November is all i got to say…) and it’s been a bit oht here in los angeles. now, Is it me or has anyone notice how, the worst the storms get on the USA southern coast, the higher gas prices. and the higher gas prices, the lower our export prices to EU and UK, due to their inflated currency and our weak deflated USdollar. but if you got money in a UK bank and are living in the land of the free, you are laughing because the worse the US economy gets, the more money you can squeeze out your bank accounts.

Put in perspective, if you had 2,000 quid in a UK bank and then wanted to transfer it to, say, your NYC bank account back in…er….say the year 2000, like as Clinton was on his way out, that quid was worth $3,189.00. now kick in 9/11 and Bush’s presidency and five years later that same 2,000 pounds is trading at $3,610 TONIGHT. that’s a profit of $421 (or 233 pounds) Now imagine that same 2,000 GBP is a whopping 2 million pounds and then you got a 421,000-pound holdover. that’s about $760,000. so, simply by HAVING 2 million pounds, you can convert that amount in the states and take the extra change and buy a house in the Hollywood hills (a small house.)

No WONDER the rich people in Europe and the UK don’t wanna rock the boat. THEY’RE MAKING A KILLING! they’re only sad that Iraq is only 1 country. imagine if we could invade Iraq like 17 more times? our economy would implode. and England would eventually start eating Sushi. And so far England has avoided sushi. I know the minute sushi takes over the UK, one of my bestest mates, the honorable RICHARD “ROCKY” MEEHAN, the curry king of Middlesex, will pack his belongings and be off to Greenland to live in a Igloo. And Hannah, thank goodness she’s becoming a Yank cause i think it would kill her to know England was becoming Americanized. the only fear is, what happens in 2008? Europe and England will panic like nobody’s business. Bush can’t run for re-election so the good times will be over you Euros and hopefully, the exchange rate will return to a more sensible position. you guys are going on Ebay and buying everything, flexing your muscle. and we americans are suffering thanks to you so give us a break already…

and so I spend my time with my 6-year-old boy who teaches me loads and it reminds you that we can all learn from children. and as this jpeg shows (check out the footie gear), when you fall asleep in the children’s section of Barnes and Nobles, a 6-year-old can get into trouble (like dumping cookie crumbs on your pants) and a camera crew (ok, Hannah) can catch it! and see, he was good form cause his team, LA SPIRIT, had won their game but it’s all in good fun so i say, what the heck, everyone take 1 day this week and do something wacky just to remind us where still around and kicking…

all the best,

Mike Randle


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