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The Devil Went Down To Georgia
August 13, 2005

The weather has been quite warm here in Los Angeles. I spent several days at my Mum’s house with my boy in tow. His mum was on vacation so I had the little bugger for a week (still have him till Sunday) and it got a bit hectic between his calling my name and my mum calling my name. Constantly. But such as life, I’d rather have THAT than nothing at all, to be frank. Been writing and working on songs as well as working on my project, which takes a lot of my time but which is really funny and fun and as long as I can remember to make it enjoyable I think I might be laughing this time next year. Hannah rang me, as she’s going to her best mate, Laura’s wedding in Dorset tomorrow so she’s set with her adorable dress and ready to cut the rug and toast and give it her all for her mate. Good on her. Gonna go off to Chapple’s studio, possibly Monday, just to hear some stuff, maybe put some guitar bits down, maybe just have some beer and chat. Also, my apologies to people that didn’t understand my diaires describing the ‘club.’ My point was that, er, it’s called HALUCINATING and so, there really is no club but i thought i was getting at that before but again, i apologize if i misled folks to think they could come out and see Bobby Plant in a club in LA. My Bad. next time, no jokes on my end…i’ll keep it straight…

Now, if you’re like me you’re either trying to find out the best cheap taco deal in town (Del Taco on tuesdays/ Taco Bell any ol day/ Venice Taco truck on 4th ave. and Rose…$1.25 carne Asadas, y’know?) or you’re trying to figure out WHO still carries LUCKY LARGER. See, you Brits ain’t go no idea what i’m talking about. back in the 1930’s, a year after Prohibition, some beer company brought out LUCKY LARGER. Its a nice sweet Larger that would go well in Bitter Ale land but it’s decent just the same. But the company was bought out by a bigger company a few years ago. now you can NEVER find it. and it’s one of my faves too. it’s like $4.99 for a 12-pack. now THAT’S my kinda deal. So if anyone knows where i can get Lucky larger, PLEASE reach out and touch me. (As well as Season 5 of the Sapranos, which i totally missed cause we toured that whole time in 2004 from late jan till early damn near may…) oh, and by the way, that 2004 tour was H-E-L-L. yep. but we wouldnt have changed it for nothing. And, not to dwell but it WAS breaking my heart to hear those beautiful songs butchered every other night. And i know people look onstage and just get mesmerized and let all the B.S. pass down the line, but dang, don;t ya’ll miss that 2003 Forever Changes tour where everything and everyone was professional? and it was like LOVE could have become a household name? i wish i could apologize for my honesty but i can’t. Sorry. i love music too much and i love LOVE’s music too much. And i really really love the people who listen and supported us for so long. I guess i’m just an old sentimental fart…

all the best,

Mike Randle


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