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August 16, 2006

Well, Freedom Man and myself are just blown away by the absolute love and spiritual connection every single lOVE fan had with Arthur Lee. And the written stories – each one – are beautiful and memorable and touching and special. This contest is going to be too close to call. Freedom Man and I are discussing a 2nd and 3rd prize (if possible) as the letters are just amazing. I would like to print it and give it to Msr. Lee, as I think she would appreciate the wonderful and truthful way LOVE fans are expressing how LOVE’s music has and continues to touch them.

SCOTTISH JERRY…i love you man. You are the best. keep Rockin the Ax and PLEASE email me your address, as your handwriting has my brain in circles! Please email the Freedom man. I’ll try to text you as well….

I love Hannah! AH, she’s a wonderful gal. I feel supaluckee….

next diary….WEDDING SHOT!!!!!

All the best,

Mike Randle

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