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Contest, Interview And Dinner With Johnny
August 17, 2006

Got a call from my ol pal, Mike Shelley, and he’s DJing at WFMU out of NYC and wants to interview me regarding being in LOVE, playing and writing with Arthur and just whatever is on his mind. So we’ll be chatting live at 8am PST (4pm UK time) this Saturday and the show can be heard live via the Internet on WNW.wfmu.org (the live internet link is in the top left corner) so, if you’re surfing the ‘net, pop in if ya like.

SOOOOOOOoooooooooo many great stories…our heads are spinning! Keep them coming! The one from the guy in Athens though, wow, seems to be in the lead! Each essay is so beautiful and touching. Love fans are the best, without a doubt. And it proves that most of you are positive, great people.

Hannah and me had dinner with Judith (J.J.) Jordan at Chan Dara, in Hollywood earlier tonight. Chan Dara, interesting enough, is only a short walk from BIDO LIDOS, which is where LOVE got their start. The grub was great and i brought the Tamborine along for johnny to sign. I’m seeing the other guys tomorrow so i’ll have them sign it as well.

When Johnny saw the Tamborine, he cracked up laughing and said, “Arthur hated tamborines,” which is SO true. We ate the delicious Thai meal and reminisced about things. it was a wonderful fun night. And johnny’s been busy in the studio recording. And we promised to finish some songs we’d started writing last year. It’s great to still be in touch with him and he looks as young as ever and JJ’s been so sweet with everything Love related and helpful. it was just a nice, peace-filled time with good people.

All the best,

Mike Randle

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