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Heeeeeeeeeeere ‘s Johnny!
May 2, 2006

Just a note to CONFIRM that Baby Lemonade (aka, Dave Chapple, Daddyo Green, Rusty and myself) are playing a LOVE set with Johnny Echols at the Whiskey Au Go Go June 28. Due to all of our conflicting schedules, it was tough to commit to anything really but there’s no way we’d pass up the chance to reunite with Mr. Echols for this show.

Although we have limited time to even prepare for it, we are happy to do it and we also think it’s helpful that it’s just us and Johnny and not us backing lord knows who. Those of you who saw us play in July of last year (UK/europe) know what to expect…lots of guitar! And you do not want to miss Johnny’s rendition of “Signed DC” with me on bass and Chapple on harmonica…it’s something different..and unique…and something you wouldn’t want to miss.

What warmed us up to this benefit was not only the chance to help out Arthur, but also to make it somewhat of a ‘family Love-in’, as the organizer put it! No celebs (that I know of), no magic tricks, no silly rabbits. Just the people that put in the work all those years, many of whom have been overlooked.

So, let’s hope this is something wonderful and for all the right reasons and people can enjoy themselves and also give something back to one of the Icons who gave so much to us all, musically. And, to quote my musical heroes NRBQ,” God Bless Us All!”

Mike Randle


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