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Official Note From Baby Lemonade
April 20, 2006

We would like to clarify the widely forwarded Arthur Lee tribute email regarding Baby Lemonade; Baby Lemonade was never fully confirmed for this, either as a Band or as backing musicians, and presently are not committed to this or any organized benefit for Arthur. They have made it known that they would like to play some gigs this summer with the intention of playing Love songs mixed with Baby Lemonade songs and donating the proceeds to Arthur’s cause.

It is our understanding that Baby Lemonade extends its concern and heartfelt prayers to Arthur and his family, in hopes that he has a safe and speedy recovery.

Baby Lemonade recorded and toured as LOVE from ’92-’96 and ’02-’05 with Arthur Lee, garnering worldwide success and a renewed interest in the 60’s Psychedelic/ Pop Band, before deciding to disband the group after Lee refused at the last minute to get on an airplane last July to tour Europe.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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