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It Takes Two To…..
May 24, 2006

(Featuring the typing talent of the soon-to-be Mrs H Randle)

So, me and Johnny had a great chat tonight- I’m going to call Arthur tomorrow and see how he’s doing. Oh, and btw I’m having my Bachelor party soon at The Wild Goose (oh no, wait, I can’t say that Hannah’s typing) so ummmm it’s at Chucky Cheese if anybody wants to join us.

Got an email from Mr Osama Bin Laden of all people asking to be on the guest list for The Whisky show. Told him to buy a ticket like everybody else.

Last episode of Lost is tomorrow…. am so totally and thoroughly stoked…. Been drinking all of our housemate Jason’s Johnny Walker red label- oh fuck, must replace. Another time. Does anybody remember laughter?

Me and H went to Catalina Island and had a good time, good drinks and good food, saw some dolphins and some seals and pelicans.

Spoke to Julian- he’s in New York having a good time.

Gas prices suck. Thinking of turning my diesel car into bio diesel. Any ideas anybody…?

Favorite new song- Dontcha by the Pussycat Dolls….

Hannah driving me crazy with the American Idol stuff (TAYLOR TO WIN!!!!!!! Hannah 🙂 ) I have nothing against karaoke, so may the best cover version win (shut up Mike you snob- Hannah)….

Visited my Aunt Becky last week, me and Han gonna spend Friday night with my family, should be fun for about 5 minutes. None of them drink except 2 of my Uncles, who have to sneak drinks. Uncle Sterling will throw down on Memorial day, he makes the best BBQ around.

Hannah wants to see The Break Up movie- I want to see MI:3. I don’t seem to care that Tom Cruise is brainwashed because so is Beck- and I like Beck too. And John Travolta. Then again, most of the people in my family are brainwashed and I like them as well, so that explains all that. While I’m confessing, it’s worth mentioning Hannah gave me a pedicure last night and Johnny and I discussed the setlist and Baby Lemonade and Johnny Echolls are going to deliver an unforgetable night for Mr Lee.

Hannah and I switched from Cheerios to a Honey-nut Cluster Thing…. Fibre and stuff. Every morning it’s coffee and cereal. And then I go to work. While Hannah puts on her short shorts and runs on the beach. And then she goes shopping (liar! Hannah), all the while petrol is still $3.50 a gallon. Clippers and Lakers are out of the play offs, cost of stamps went up, My Dad still has me out of his will and my roll of masking tape keeps splitting down the middle; this means tearing in intervals…. My shoulder bag was heavy today. Because I had Hannah’s girly magazines in it. I also watched the E! True Hollywood Story of Hugh Hefner. Impressive. Inspired me to accumulate 3 or 4 more girlfriends, until a heavy smack was delivered quite suddenly to my forehead. Thus, compelling me to remain monogamous, despite the thrill of watching BIG LOVE on TV.

Haven’t written a diary in a while because I’ve been so busy, but now that I’ve got Hannah here and she’s unemployed, she may as well type these since all the shops are now closed. I pity Los Angeles once her Mum gets here.

But this is the City of Angels- and it looks like Wayne Rooney’s foot is getting better. I’m going to get my US Jersey while Hannah gets her England Top. I predict the USA will go all the way (hehehehe- Hannah) I also predict the Waterworld DVD will go Number 1 as well.

On a lighter note, me and Hannah got matching phones- she got a pink one and I got a blue one, it has cameras and stuff and I don’t really know how it works but she’s telling me, and Jazzman and me have been talking about great guitar music lately.

Found a new beer- Widmer drop top amber ale. Yum. Planning on buying steel toe boots so I can kick in the door of the poor house. I’ll be the one in the corner with the blonde with the Neiman-Marcus bags. On a really wonderful note, my best friend is also the most incredible woman on the planet and no one makes me laugh more. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life just for her. Cheers.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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