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Disco Rules
June 3, 2006

Right about now, I’m listening to one of the cool Disco Comps that Tina W. made me, which I am quite the lucky lad for having. People ask me what CD I’m playing but they’ll have to settle for “Tina’s Disco Comp” as the answer. Hard to believe Disco was that big in England at ANY point in time… oh well…

In other news, Prince Albert has ANOTHER love child, this one near Palm Springs. Prince (Purple one) was dancing on American Idol last week (desperate to be on tv, fella?), Prince Feilder is the Baseball rookie son of one-time Detroit Tiger greats, Cecil Fielder and Teyshawn Prince plays for the Detroit Pistons. I had Prince (brand) pasta the other day and I hear the Prince of Bel Aire is coming out on DVD. All in All, a good month to be (a) Prince. (unless of course you’re Prince Charles…)

The Hollywood heat is upon us here in the City Of Angels and while local politicians beg for our votes in the June 6 primary election, Hannah and me have been watching that show, “A Very Brady Wedding”, as well as Flava Flavs hilarious show which features a gang of really clueless cows clawing after the dude with the gold teeth and really really big clock around his neck. Yo Flav, what time is it?

Well, I haven’t written in a while but I would like to proudly say that Me and Miss Hannah Milman tied the knot LEGALLY but won’t have our small ceremony officially until July 29. But the legal ceremony was short but fun, with Rusty and our friend, Kate, as the witnesses and Lucy (the future Mrs. Squeezebox come June 3!) there to snap pix. The Reverand performing the task was none other than Love Messageboard Rascal, The New Guy. Things with me and Mrs. Randle have been great, except for the part about being broke and that I was responsible for a HUGE argument where I made both of us very very upset. I can’t apologize enough for that.

See, guys, we’re on a different plane. We think being right is more important to listening to what the other person is saying. Once I started to LISTEN and dropped my ego and attitude I could see the harm done by my headstrong ways. No amount of apologizing or poetry will get you out of that Dog House, fellas. So, along with many apologies I got Hannah some chocolate, a cute card and the Bowie DVD collection. Now we’ll just have to see if this gets me back in her good graces and helps heal the rift I caused.

Other than that, I have some other musical endeavors unfolding that i hope come to fruition and that i can then talk about freely…i hate to jinx stuff. Also, I hear Arthur is pulling in there. Let’s keep the prayers going on his behalf. Johnny’s been jamming as well, getting ready for the June 28 show. Until next time…this is the Diary signing off…

Mike Randle


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