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K-Fed Versus Vanilla Ice And My Life And My Friend
September 6 2004

Kevin Ferderline

I know what you Brits is thinkin; “oy, Mike, what’s ‘at Laybuh die roobish!” Ok, enough with the bad accents. Me and Hannah just watched K-Fed (), his new video, that is. Pure genius. This is almost as good as that classic vanilla Ice movie, COLD AS ICE.

Now, i don’t know if any of you have seen the classic, the absolutely OSCAR-ESQUE, “Cold As Ice” but Vanilla Ice hurdles the normal boundaries of direction and film to soar to heights unknown to mortal talents, in delivering one of the greatest films ever. Against my better judgment, I bought a dime bag (this was in the early ’90s) and rented this film. I was mesmerized by vanilla, his motorcycle and this chick with a horse. I cried six times. This film has never been put on DVD (Blasephomy!) but you can still find it on VHS if you’re lucky.

All of us Baby Lemonade boys (with our gals) are off to see the ZOMBIES here in LA Sept. 6!!!! it’s also Lucy Squeezebox’s b/day! Yippeeee! And guess what? Kose is the Zombies’ sound guy! And any of you who attended our tour with them might remember the SF show where Arthur played a Zombies song, accompanied only by his guitar and his voice. They were true contemporaries and touring with those guys was a true honor that i shant forget anytime soon.

Hannah and me rented INSIDE MAN the other night. We loved it. Clive Owen is the man. He should move to America so we can corrupt him (more) and then we’ll get rid off that funny accent. And hey, how come he wasn’t Bond? Who IS this Bond guy? And what happened to peirce brosnan? Shoot, what happened to Sean Connery? Why does Bond have to be young? Hef seems to be doing alright.

Speaking of Hef, Hannah wants to pick up the latest copy of PLAYBOY, which has Hef’s 3 Girlfriends (not counting his wife, who lives on the grounds but she’s too old to be a ‘girlfriend’ i’m told?) on the cover and in the mid-spreads. See, she watches GIRLS NEXT DOOR, which is filmed at the Mansion and so now the girls are in the mag and so we hafta get it. Blame Hannah.

But I also hafts thank Hannah for being , not only a wonderful wife but just the most supportive and positive friend a guy could ever request from Santa Claus. We had a really special and wonderful wedding and I want to do a diary and have a load of pix for those who like wedding pix (cute wedding pix!)…but i have a truly Mike Randle play-by-play funny diary of those 3 days on Catalina island (no, it’s NOT x-rated!) and i’ll write it up when i can really sit down and wrestle the photos from Han.

I was listening to all my old tapes of Love With Arthur Lee rehearsals, demos, writing sessions and whatnot, and i came across a writing session where Rusty, Arthur and me were at Arthur’s house (i believe this was in 2002? or 2003?) and we took a break but sat around in his living room and then Arthur started talking about L.A. and the 60’s and stuff. he had Rusty and me laughing our asses off. Tears came down my cheeks. I’d never even known i recorded 30 minutes of us just ‘shootin the sh*t.’ God bless him and God rest his soul. Arthur and me shared some special times and we had a unique relationship. i was hard on him, i admit it. But we toured Forever Changes when almost everyone said we couldn’t and i think that challenge sparked Arthur’s juices. Arthur never missed ONE F.C. rehearsal before that first tour with strings and horns. he was serious. And proud.

All the best,

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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