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All Britted Out
August 28, 2006

Well, Hannah’s had 2 mates from England visit, and each day/night we are showing them round you know, Hollywood and stuff like that. Was at Chapple’s studio yesterday. We were going over Baby Lemonade songs we hadn’t even thought about in 10 years! It was fun though. Also got a really sweet call from Diane Lee. She is holding up considering everything that’s happened. We shared some laughs and memories. I remember once we played in San Diego (in ’93) and she was there. The show was electrifying. it was at the Flash Cafe. Anyone who saw that show would have to agree.

Our house is littered with OK and HEAT magazines, which are British gossip rags that seem to only have Kate Moss and that bloke from Baby Shambles on the cover. She looks like something the cat brought in and he’s constantly one step from the Big House. Well, tomorrow I am taking all 3 Brit girls to a Dodger game. Taking British to a baseball game is like taking Whitney to rehab; a lot of resistance. But I think, after a Dodger Dog and some beer, they’ll be in the swing of things. I also am teaching them “Take me out to the ballgame” for good measure. One of them got sunburned yesterday so I wonder if she’s making it out.

Well, my life is filled with adventure and love and family and friends. And music.

All the best,

Mike Randle

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