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Misimpressions Of The Internets
October 1, 2006

I got something in the mail Saturday, a note, that said I needed to pick up a package from the post office (it was too big for my mailbox apparently.) So I mosy’d on down to 7th and Broadway and stood in line until they called my name. The package surprised me; it was the Damn Tamborine I’d sent to Greece a week and a half ago!

I’d incorrectly filled the info sheet out, they said, and because it had “Blades” it was stuck in limbo until they could ‘get round to sending it back’, according to the man who seemed to really dislike his job. So now I must wait until Monday or Tuesday. I am very sorry about that.

I have received so many wonderful emails and phone calls from so many people, just positive positive lovely things about Baby Lemonade, Arthur, Johnny, Michael Stuart…just all the guys who gave it their all for the Love of it all. JJ left me a very sweet and touching message on my phone so I must ring her and thank her.

I had coffee with Diane Lee last Sunday and she is holding up well. She really appreciates everything everyone has done to keep Arthur’s spirit and music alive. Got emails from Lizzy and Tina. it will be so great when Hannah and I visit the UK again (hopefully just after Xmas) and get to hang out with our friends over in “That Great Country, Britain”, as George W. Bush prefers to call it.

Received a wonderful handwritten letter from Jeremy in Scotland. I am writing one back (by hand) and shall mail Monday or Tuesday. I had gotten a letter from my cousin, Larry, who is nearly done serving a 30-year sentence for Robbing a bank in 1989. His sentence has was reduced due to good behavior and his cooperation in programs to prevent youths from going down the wrong path and stuff like that. His release is set for 2009. I wrote him back about what’s been happening in my life. We kinda lost touch when I was touring constantly. The dumb thing about his situation is that he was just driving the get away car. But someone was hurt (or maybe even killed) and so the charges got serious for everyone involved. i told him all he missed in the 90’s was Grunge.

Well, I must be going. Hannah is sound asleep and Rusty and me are getting together with Chapple at his studio. Been playing guitar a lot lately (Jeremy’s letter reminded me of that) and it’s felt great. A great Love fan, Jack, gave me a really swell fender guitar shirt (it has guitars on it!) and a super cool dinner jacket after we had lunch last week. Wow, I’m lucky. Well, hope all is well.

Mike Randle

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