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Search For The 3rd Camera
October 27, 2006

Hello everyone, hope you are safe, well, and happy! The Diary has been busy and apologizes for being out of site. Not a day goes by when one of us doesn’t remember something funny about our time with Arthur Lee and as his choice of Love for those years we did it.

Now, what would be very special is if I could get some help on something. Arthur’s family asked me to find the gentlemen who apparently had a camera and filmed the Wilshire Ebell Theatre gig we did in October 2004 with the Zombies.

We only knew of 2 cameras for that show and happened to notice the 3rd camera in the front row while going over footage from the stage camera. If anyone knows who filmed it or if the person who filmed from the front row is reading this, the family and myself would really love for you to get in touch.

If you email The Freedom Man he’ll give you my personal info. (I’ve attached the photo from our stage camera)

Thanks again to everyone and more Diaries to come soon, promise!

Mike Randle

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