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4th Of July
July 5, 2007

Well, with it being the 4th and all one would expect it to be a super sunny day in LA but so far it’s been an overcast day and a bit of a breeze, yet the weather service swears it’s 71F. WTF?

I sent my good mate, Richard Meehan, a text message, to check in on him after those unfortunate and sick attempts to blow up people and stuff in the UK. Not unlike the email I got from Scully, Richard seemed completely not surprised at how rubbish the Bombers were. Richard even went so far as to express relief the bombers worked for the NHS (Britian’s National Health Service), thus guranteeing they’d be incompetent.

Even Hannah’s brother, Ben Milman, chimed in with a text to Han, dissing the perpetrators as typically pathetic. We here in the USA can only appreciate how lucky the UK was in that the guys were very stupid: They rammed a Benz into the Airport in Glasgow and onyl succeeded in buring themselves over 90% of their body! Don’t they even know the scots don’t play that?

well, this being Independence day, and me spending it with a Brit (as well as her Texas aunt who moved to texas from the UK in the early 1970’s), I feel the that the UK and the US and A are at last, ONE, again.

The countdown to when Beckham debuts his Galaxy uniform and hairstyle is getting closer and closer. Some fans are even releasing smoke (ala Pope Picking) to help balance the tension of when number 7 will come and save LA from getting handed are Arses by such pathetic teams like DC UNITED and whatever crap Major League Soccer (MLS, yall!) passes off as a footie team.

We don’t care, as long as we got Posh in our binaculars and beer in hand. I know there isn’t the type of inning endings like in baseball so we’ll probably hafta load up on beer and stuff ahead of time but i’m really pushing for the Spice Girls to perform before the games. Of course, Posh will get all the spot lights and attention in LA, as she’s already claimed half of Robertson BLVD (they even close Kitson when she arrives, take that, Paris!!!!!) and can easily get a table at Mr. Chow or the Ivy or Ago. Scary Spice can’t claim that one, no matter how many comedians get her preggars….

The rest of the Spice girls are just along for the ride. LA (where they are rumoured to do a secret show in Dec.) is Posh’s town and the other ladies better just get used to it. Posh has the money (Becks is loaded), Posh has the nipples (The LA PAPS don’t call her the ‘Purculatah’ fer nuffin), Posh has the H’Wood connections (Getting Posh and Becks to become Scientology Freaks is a full time job for Tom Cruise…) and Posh has, well, the POSH FACTOR, which is just to look like you could care less, act like you can’t speak a word of english, treat EVERYBODY like complete sh*t and to look absolutely fabullous doing it. Go on then, Poshy.

Hannah is way into this show called SUNSET TAN and one of the girls who works down the road from us (at the Venice Sunset Tan), Ginelle, is one of the stars so now every time we walk by we peek in to see if she’s working. It’s a show about the Sunset tan business and their celebs and all the drama between like 6 blonds trying to run a business with very little effort and loads of real bitching.

ok, well that’s how the 4th of July is going! be Safe!

Mike Randle

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