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Macca At Ameoba
June 28, 2007

I didn’t get to make the Paul Mc Cartney show yesterday but I heard it was real good from people who went so roll on Macca! I ran into a guy who was always a Love fan and really was one of those hard care Arthur Lee fans that used to come see us in ’93 (and who saw Arthur many times before Baby Lemonade ever played with Arthur). His name’s Brentwood (Brent for short) and he’s homeless these days. I’ve bumped into him a few times on the street and he’s always pleasant. He uses the local library and goes to Torben’s website each time he’s on a computer. I don’t think he has a problem with me writing this. He hangs out in Santa Monica, usually near the shelter on Colorado and 7th streets. He doesn’t have a drug or drink problem it appears. Just a fellow who ran into a stretch of bad times. If you ever meet him, he’s a great guy. And he’s a guitar player so if I come across a gig for him I’ll let him know.

Now that Paris has been liberated we can all get some sleep. She’s been through so much and gee she spent 23 days in Jail and from what she’s told Larry King, she was reading the Bible and stuff and now she wants to (finally!) give her time to charity and things other than herself (how long is THAT gonna last?) and ‘get on with her life.’ Prison sucks, Paris. However, it was only temporary. Poverty, on the other hand, sucks, and is a bit more permanent for some. It makes us appreciate what we have in family and friends and how music touches us all. It also shows how fighting and hate are useless and drain the mind, body and spirit of our communities and our countries. I think the more you eliminate boundaries the better we all are for it. To quote our fearless leader and Commander In Chief, “It’s the divisions that divide us.”

Mike Randle

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