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August 21, 2007

My goodness, it’s been ages since I even had 5 minutes to even think about a diary entry, which sucks because I’ve told myself I wanted to document our Beatles rehearsals and what not but I am so busy with work, rehearsals and looking after Julian (which is a fulltime job for me and Hannah), who’s visiting from NYC. Julian goes to summer sports camp here in Santa Monica in the daytime, which he says is fun. I am trying to spend as much time as possible with him but even that’s tough.

Rehearsals are going awesome-like. The guys i play with, i take for granted how good they are, not only as musicians but at injecting their own sound and soul into the music they play. Dave Chapple is nailing Paul’s basslines but it sounds like Chapple, not Paul, which is great. And he’s doing it on a Jerry Jones Bass, not a Rickenbacker, which would be the obvious thing. We are not being hired to ‘copy’ anyone, but rather explore the possiblilties (and challenges!) of what a live, touring band might sound like if it were to ‘interpret’ Sgt. Pepper.

There will be no smoke, no mirrors. No switching from band to orchestra and no real dividing line; the entire musical performance will be one group, just a lot of musicians! And well, that takes a lot of practice. And when you play and tour as much as we have, you learn not to really think about ‘mistakes.’ They happen but what you want to do is step inside the music so that it attaches itself to your skin and at that point, you know it in your head. You always know your way. You learn your parts, musically, and you learn your parts, vocally. You can’t worry about the other guy. it’s HIS job to learn his part. You do your job and i’ll do mine. That’s a good way to make music and by doing that you allow each person to express themselves at their own pace, on their own terms. That’s what seperates music from other things creative in life. Much of it is a struggle of repitition but more of it is a democratic co-op of ideas, the rewards of such go beyond words.

Our task, or better yet, our MISSION (Impossible!) is to learn the arrangements, interpret the arrangements and then learn TWO SETS OF BACKING VOCALS. One set is for Rusty as lead singer with Todd, Chapple and myself chiming in on backing. The Alternate set is for backing guest singers with each guy switching to a different vocal harmony. if it sounds like a totally bitch well it IS! And the people who organize these types of things (who are usually not musicians) do not understand, nor do they care. You are being hired to perform. You have to bring your “A” game and so we do try. The best part is the Promoters in Italy really like Baby Lemonade so this also could be something cool in the future for us.

Another exciting twist in my life is that Hannah and I have found a lovely apartment just down the road from our old house. We are already paid up and can move at anytime but rather will most likely move first week of Sept. after Julian is home. We found it totally by accident (and John E will appreciate this story!) and Hannah, who never misses work due to illness, suddenly came down with a terrible cold. She had to take 2 days off work. Just at that time she received an email saying an apartment was available. Hannah sprang up, got dressed and went to see the apartment. She got a leaser’s form and came home and began filling out hers and mine. She had a fever but we got it done and got the very first appointment with the Land Lord. it made her late to work and she was still a bit sick. a few hours later it was ours!

So, now we have a gorgeous place and are moving out of our shared house. The new place is 1 1/2 blocks from Main Street and 2 blocks from the beach. 2 blovks from our fave Italian (Le Vechia), 2 blocks from our fave Pub (Finn McCool’s), 5 blocks from our local curry (Dhaba), around the corner from Mani’s bakery, 1 block from the self-car-wash that i use every friday and also 1 block from Surf Liquor, which is the store my best friend in high school, Tony Pittman, and I used to score beer and cigarettes when we were 15. We had a band with Charlie Glover (who now drums with the Stoney Curtis Band, on Schrapnel Records) So, in a way it’s all come full circle. And if it’s one thing I have learned, it’s that, When life gives you lemons you make BeatleLemonade.

Mike Randle

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