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Beatlelemonade Part Deux
August 29, 2007

So, after so much goings on and stuff I finally came down with the flu. So I am trying to take it slower. Am near better but have pretty much lost my voice. But Julian has cheered me up and Hannah never lets me get to down. This up coming weekend is labor day here in America. Not sure what that means but i’m sure someone will tell me. Last weekend was interesting as the orchestrator for the London Sinfonietta flew to LA just to meet up with us at Todd’s studio and go over the show and various musical points of interest, cues, parts, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The singers who are officially confirmed are:

Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithful, Badly Drawn Boy, The Residents, Robyn Hitchcock, Russell Mael (Sparks), with 2 other awesome singers waiting to confirm they can participate. One of the singers was one of my fave Brit singers of the 80’s and they were quite big in America and are still very well known here, as they wrote the theme song to one of the most well known ‘Brat Pack’ movies of the 80’s and no, it ain’t Jim Keer of Simple Minds! But if you thought that, you are very warm… (hint: A Man in His shoes ran a light…) So, hoping the final 2 can be confirmed soon.

Rehearsals are sounding better and better. Rusty has been singing lead with me, Todd and Chapple chiming in on backing. But for the real deal, we switch parts and Rusty handles most of the backing vocals with me and Todd and Chapple chiming in. This is a lot of fun, playing these tunes. A Love fan named Michael Scullion, plays in an Acoustic Beatles tribute band and he sent me a link to one of their performances which i plan to check out when i have a moment. Also spoke to Diane Lee the other day. She is doing well and is in the process of sorting things Arthur had like demos, video of live and rehearsal footage, ect. She’s slowly archiving that stuff. if you want to track the progress or leave her a note or anything like that go to her site. it’s www.lovearthurlee.com and it’s awesome. And do her one favor. love one another.

Mike Randle

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