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Been A Long Time Since I Rock And Rolled
November 7, 2007

Although I played loads of guitar these days (my playing has gotten 10x better), i’m not out gigging much, which is fine by me. When I DO finally gig again, I want it to be fun, great, special, and i’ll try to see to it that it is. There are many great things in the works for 2008 for Love Fans (including some awesome box sets i’ve heard about…) so if you love Love like i love Love then it will be a LOVEly 2008.

I speak to Diane Lee a few times a week these days and she’s doing great and has thrown herself head first into doing all she can to bring more Love to the people who loved it and supported it all those many years. if you have not gone to her website, by all means help yourself. it’s really great:


All things happen for a purpose and i know Arthur would be happy knowing she was handling such a creative avenue for him and doing it so well.

Well, Hannah and I have been living in our new place now for 2 months and it’s nice to be out of a shared house and be into our own space. Hannah has been steadily working at a Record company here in Santa Monica, while I continue to work in Vintage guitar and amp sales just down the road from her and walking distance from our home. I’m in touch with Daddyo and Chapple (and Todd Jaeger) most days and everyone is doing great. If i had one wish, i would wish Arthur never got sick, we never had a row and we made a brilliant album with Robert Plant and others contributing to it. That would be my wish.

That being said, i wish everyone else nothing but good times and good health.

Mike Randle

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