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Love Connection
February 14, 2008

Not certain but this may be the first Dairy of 2008. I’ve been busy plus I have been working on some things and didn’t want to jinx them. I want to thank everyone for being so nice and sending very supportive emails to the band and all the kind memories people have about Arthur and the shows. I was looking at the 2004 tour list on Torben’s site last night and wow, what a time we all had, eh?

I also got unexpectant phone calls from both Jazmaan and The New Guy and Tina Winter and I email one another quite often. Scottish Keith has kept me up on his endeavors and all in all, I have to say, us over here miss you all very much. I know I tend to say this and then nothing happens but there are a few things I have been working on, one in particular with Diane Lee. We’ll make an announcement in the next week about what we’ve been working hard to put together but I wanted to write this to let people know 1.) Baby Lemonade/ Mike Randle has not dropped off the planet 2.) Baby Lemonade is def. going to play again in the UK, sometime this year, probably in the fall 3.) Arthur always felt that, after the original Love group, no one delivered their music as well and as reverently as we did. Given the direct support there, you can expect to hear a variety in our set that reflects our 15 years of playing both Baby Lemonade and Love’s music.

I hope this Diary finds each and everyone in good spirits, high hopes and blessed beyond words. We are all connected by Love, one way or another.

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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