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Love Story
June 2, 2007

Well, Love Story is coming to LA in a few weeks and we all over here plan to make the screening. I hear it’s really well done so i’m looking forward to that one.

Lately, I have been really getting into my new guitar, which is actually quite an afforable one, looks great, sounds great and plays unbelievably. The Axe I play currently the most is my Reverend Warhawk II’ (in Cream), which I love to no end. My new fave overdrive pedal is the Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive) SIDE BAR: HANNAH HAS REMINDED THE DIARY THAT WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! Ok, back to Guitars… so the Fulltone OCD is the best Overdrive pedal available on the Market. That is, until i place the (secret name here) in my effects chain. See, a nice fellow has built me an overdrive pedal to my spec. that (fingers crossed) echo the OCD, i should be in Overdrive Bliss after this weekend.

My dream amp would be a DIVIDED BY 13 ‘LDW 13/39’, which is the best amp ever made, in my opinion. At full power is runs at a nice LOUD 39 Watts, class A/B. Or you can run it as a Class A 13 watt amp that breaks up a lot earlier and has the nice sustain and presence to rock any small club or any studio situation. Divided By 13 is so far and above better than the competition that i’d be silly to even suggest any amp that came close. The best i could say is that if you imagined a Vox AC30, combined it with an Orange AD30, combined it with the balls of a Marshall 4×12 half stack, but put it in a head with a 2×12 cabinet and you’d have the LDW (named after Amazing guitarist, Lyle Workman and the “D” design of the cabinet.)

But that amp is just outside my budget, as it is about $3800. But the Reverend runs about $500 and the OCD comes in about $160, i think. (you can check out the Reverend catalog at www.reverendguitars.com and the OCD at www.fulltone.com and you can try www.dividedby13.com or just google them, or him…his name is Fred and he hand builds and hand wires every amp one by one.)

ok, that’s all the guitar talk i have time for!

All the Best,

Mike Randle

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