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June 7, 2007

Well, whoever said it was easy being 40 lied. Ok, only kidding. I like being 40. it took me like 40 years to get here so it might be a good idea to show some appreciation. I was e-chatting with Fritz from Ohio and we both have changed our diets a bit (don’t worry, the Ice Cold ones and Bushmills never leave the menu…and, although it’s been a while, I am sooooo looking forward to the Steak of the Century on July 4th. I want a steak so big that it would make even Caryne faint.)

Babya Lemonade is working on music at Chapple’s home studio sunday. As i may have mentioned before, Chapple’s studio has a big crypt built into the floor (for recording loud amps) and when it’s open you could fall in and stuff. But it’s always great to see the guys and Chapple’s daughter (now 2 1/2), Stella, is just as cute as a button. And Daddyo’s son, Nevin (1 1/2) is def. gravitating to the musical instruments! He was at Truetone and all he wanted was the guitars! Julian turns 8 next thursday (the 14th), which not only is Flag day in America but also Hannah’s b/day!

Well, i must run down to the news agent to get Hannah her weekly fix of Grazia! and Heat! magazines. We are also getting tickets to the Galazy game where beckham will play his first game. And also, remember you hear it here first: SPICE GIRLS IN L.A. REHEARSING FOR REUNION TOUR!

So now ya know!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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