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Mike, What You Been Up To?
March 12, 2007

A lot of people ask me that in emails and I was so busy of late that I weeks go by before i can answer them. But thank you as always to Scot Jeremy who still believes in snail mail.

And, no, Danny-from-Florida, I have NOT been in rehab.

Since September of 2005 I was the supervising manager of a crazy and cool Pop Culture retail emporium and many of our clientele were big time celebs (Kanye West just spent nearly $2000 on some rare Beatles stuff we had…thank goodness he didn’t know i’d ripped him one in an old diary..which i apologize for, Kanye. You da man. Especially flying curries in from London…speaking of which, can you hook me up with a nice Vindaloo from Rusholm street and fly it out to Santa Monica?), with Paris (yes, she is THAT dumb) Hilton being one of the regulars. Posh loves the place, as well as Robbie (got a light, mate? But Robbie, yer still smoking the old one…) Williams, Mariah (I thought she was a Hooker, for real ya’ll) Carey, David Spade (who’s an ace fellow), The main guy from BIG LOVE, justin from UGLY BETTIE, Dave Navarro, Steve Stevens…the list goes on…

And I finally got up the courage to resign. Thursday. Because I want to get back into music. It was a tough decision. And an easy one. Irony all the way. But I learned a lot about people, the world and everything. You realise that, away from all the nonsense many celebs are VERY normal and act and want to be treated normal. Then there are celebs that DEMAND attention and are just rude and narcissistic. One of my fave Clients was Corey Magghetti. Corey is WAY sweet and like 6′ 7″ and plays basketball for the LA CLIPPERS. When rumours were swirling that he was being traded last year people everywhere told him how much they wanted him to stay. he’s a great kid and he’s grateful and successful. Corey drops $500 like nobody’s business and it’s always on stuff for other people, never for himself. So there you go.

I’ll miss the cool people and my co-workers, who were the best of the best. Now, what I have to do is the big compromise; how do i re-construct my studio at home without moving Hannah’s wardrobe?

Tune in tomorrow for more…

Mike Randle

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