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Hard Times For Posh
March 24, 2007

Well, Posh ain’t been in Tinseltown a month and the nutters have already abused the H’wood sign. It’s bad enough she can’t even shop at Kitson or eat at Mr Chow without the Paps hounding her; now she has the embarrassment of having Hollyweird renamed in her honor, and not flattering, mind you. All in a days work for our local royalty I spose.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Tom Cruise has the former Spicer on speed dial and reportedly has phone her nearly 20 times a day (interrupting her long-distance calls with mum) trying to convince her to join his satanic, er, Scientology thing. Posh has to play nice – for now, as she wants Tom to ‘hook her up’ with the ins on the Glitz Movie biz revolving door. And with half of the Thirty Mile Zone in rehab, this towns’ for the takin, methinks. (by the way, this town is about 30 square miles so the “Thirty Mile Zone” is the area in which celebs can be expected to be spotted. Step outside that area and you’re not in the thick of it. heck, there’s even a celeb website on it… www.tmz.com )

So, the other day I was helping Chris Robinson (from the Black Crows) pick out some keyboards for his studio. ( I am now in the sales department at Truetone Music in Santa Monica (anyone who knows truetone knows it’s the best in town for guitars or amps -new or used, and vintage everything. plus the damn best repairs ever.) He was way cool and just a regular guy, well regular in the sense he’s loaded and was married to a gorgeous actress. But we get guys (and gals) that come in the shop and want that special guitar or amp and they walk out with their dreams-come-true. and i get to play guitars all day long. and get paid for it. Sweet.

I totally flooded our house yesterday. i was trying to fix the downstairs bathroom sink and it exploded. i also got shocked when i turned the lights on (and my 2 fingers went black). 100 gallons of water. The plumbers and carpet care people came and now we have these 4 loud huge air/heat machines sucking out water and cleaning and drying the carpet. We will most likely have to replace the carpet. And a bunch of Hannah’s clothes got drenched. And her boots. So she used that as an excuse to buy new shoes. what could i say? she was right. Well, at least my fender deluxe was safe, as well as Chapple’s Danelectro he loaned me. Also, his lovely wife, Natalie, loaned Hannah a bass, which Hannah hasn’t really had time to explore.

Well, there’s more and I think I’ll try to write in this diary regularly a few days a week if people think it’s still interesting, otherwise, I’ll stop. Let me know.


Mike Randle

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