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Where Is The Time Going
April 15, 2007

Frank Stallone and Mike

Seems I spend so much time either playing guitar or selling guitars, by the time I get home (which is usually about 9:30 pm), I pop in a ready meal (usually Lean Cuisine or something like that…not on a diet…it’s just that they’re on sale, taste great and hey, low in calories!) watch some telly with Hannah, crack open a tall cold one and maybe catch some news. So if I haven’t returned a call or an email in ages, please forgive me; I’m knackered!

Well, the other day, Frank Stallone came by Truetone Music to do some shopping and, as his usual thing he picks up an acoustic and starts playing Beatles songs! He ALWAYS does this and I love it, although I know it’s old hat to the other guys. This time though, I grabbed a gorgeous brand new Tacoma acoustic bass and played along with him for the better part of an hour! The always super-nice and talented Michael Lockwood (Lisa Marie guitarist/hubby) came by to pick up a really rad old Fender Mustang bass and had to dodge by Frank and i to get to his bass that was hanging on the wall…

After that, another regular, the ever-talented Colin Hay who you might recall was from Men At Work, came in to check out some very cool Gretsch White Falcons. I liek Colin alot and he’s doing some shows at Largo April 17,18,19 so get your butt down there and let’s get a pint or something. Oh, so i finally got my Ibanez Tele back and geez, it rocks and rolls and has so much soul. It only needs an adjustment and some screws need to be tightened. All n All, i think it’s going to be ok.

Also, got a copy of LOVE STORY which Hannah and I plan to check out tonight.

Until next time….

All the Best,

Mike Randle

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