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Days (Off) Of Thunder
April 7, 2007

My morning routine consists of the following; Hannah’s alarm goes off at 7:30am. She resets it and has a bit of a lie in so we get another 15 minutes. Then it goes off again. She resets it. We snooze till close to 8am and then she gets up. Sometimes I get up at 7am and use the computer and stuff. Sometimes I lie in. By 8am the tv is turned on to GOOD DAY LA on ch. 11 and i’m up making Tea for Han and Coffee (Vanilla Nut) for myself. Hannah then gets a shower and I surf the net (usually tmz.com or perezhilton.com or musictoyz.com) and then we have our bowls of cereal (she has Special K yoghurt & fruit and I have Cheerios…yep, i keeps it real…) and then she gets ready for work. About 9:15am I drive Hannah to work (a 8 minute drive…HEY IT’S LA, C’MON…) and then I get home around 9:40am. I take a shower and then go off to work. Oh, and sometimes I stop off and buy a Snicker bar (w/ almonds) for that added peppyness.

Today was different as both Hannah and myself took the day off for Good Friday, which was really a reason for Hannah to shop at H&M at the Beverly Center. But before I get to that please allow me to retrace Thursday’s events…

After dropping her off for work I was pulled over by a CHP (California Highway Patrol) on Pico Blvd and 14th street. The motorcycle cop was very nice and explained to me that my right tail light was out and thus gave me a “fix it” ticket. That means I have 30 days to fix it and then i have to go to Santa Monica City hall and show them my ticket and let them see that i fixed the car. But for the time being, I had a ticket and a bad light. Now I was paranoid the cops were gonna be after me 24/7. I thought about getting a digital camera to document my impending LAPD beating. Then It hit me that I’m a pretty funny looking guy with weird blonde drealocks in an old Mercedes Benz with no criminal record. Not even one moving violation in my lifetime. But it didn’t stop me from worrying.

So this morning I went to Kragen Auto and bought light bulbs for the car. Me and the flatheat screw driver did our best to change the bulb but it looked like i would have to wait until 5pm when my neighbor, louie, came home. I could then bribe him for the usual $20 (he knows Benz stuff) and be laughing. But Hannah had the day off and wanted to go shopping. In Beverly Hills, for f*cks sake. On Robertson. At KITSON! Yikes! But she has been working like mad (including overtime) and so she needed to get out there and shop shop shop.

We hopped the Santa Monica Freeway around 1pm and exited Robertson Blvd. 15 minutes later and drove north until the traffic jam started (about Wilshire.) We parked across the street from Kitson and was bless with nearly 2 hours on the meter. We then Headed to the NewsRoom for lunch (Factoid: The News Room is across the street from one of Hollywood’s hottest Celeb lunch and dinner place, THE IVY), to which Hannah had the Mish Mash Pasta and i had the blackened freshwater boneless/skinless Trout with pineapple/mango Salso, and mash pots. Both AMAZING. Mine was off the hook.

After our lunch we headed over to the Beverly Center where Hannah shopped for 3 hours at H&M and Forever 21 (or, as they call it in B.H.; F XXI) while I read the paper and kicked about and stuff. When 4pm hit, we went to look at puppies and stuff because eventually Hannah wants to get a small dog. The puppies were ADORABLE and stuff and then we hit the 5pm rush hour traffic on la Cienega Blvd., taking it south to the Santa Monica FWY. We got home about 5;30 and Louis helped fix the car and so that was done, thank goodness.

Later at night Hannah suggest we have dinner at a mexican resteraunt on Main street near our home. The Margharitas were excellent but that was where the good news ended. They got Hannah and my order totally wrong and it wound up being a waste of money. Keep in mind, we ain’t rich and Han and me bite the bullet and eat ready meals nearly every nite of the week. we just like a good meal and day out once a week, which we work hard to have. But the dinner really sucked and we aren’t going back. The service was good, it’s just the food wasn’t.

Morrison and his G1

So we got home about half 10 and I was showing Rusty all the sounds on my G1 (and hey, Freedom man’s kid, Morrison, just got one!) and then we caught the BEST WEEK EVER, which is the funniest show on TV. Also, Peter Andre and Jordon are coming to LA to promote their TV show on E! So now we have something else to laugh at now that I LOVE NEW YORK is over (and more on her when i’m not so tired…)

until next time…..

Mike Randle

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