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Busy Busy Busy
June 15, 2008

Been meaning and promising myself to stay on top of the Diaries and make (at the very least) weekly entries but dang, guys, lately i been busier than a Tijuana hooker during Spring Break. Not only did Phil Hussey and I launch the Hussey Tonal Overdrive (HTO) this week to awesome responses (and sales!), but I have been helping to organize the Love charity show at the Malibu Performing Arts Center and so far, people we’ve confirmed are The Doors’ Robbie Kreiger, Maria Mckee, The 3 O’Clock (we are not giving them a choice; the MUST perform!!!!), Jon Auer (The Posies Singer/ Guitarist) and a good amount of others that we aren’t able to confirm (in print) but shall shortly.

Been working on the live set and should announce a couple of shows in August very soon (1 LA show, 2 OC/SD shows). Funny, but Love and Baby Lemonade have always had a nice following on the other side of the Orange Curtain (as we LA County folks refer to the O.C.)

Got a funny email from Glenn…he went to see the Zombies and of course our guy, Kose Sorensten, is doing sound for them and have been for several years now. Glenn and Kose were having a laugh and of course Kose is doing sound for the Fall UK tour!

Well, it’s late and it’s Hannah’s birthday tomorrow! June 14! She turns 25. Yep, she’s young and i’m oooooooold 🙂

Also, she’s not alone, as Mr Julian the 9-year old shares the same b-day as Ms Hannah! June 14, or as my gramma was fond of saying, “Fa-lag day”!

Everyone have a safe weekend. Over and Out…

Mike Randle

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