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May 25, 2008

Small word but some Danish guys were shopping at the Guitar shop and it just so turned out they were from that Island where Odense is located. How funny is that? Ah dang, I been so busy lately with a zillion projects. Diane and I are really pulling the charity concert together and hopefully, soon we’ll be able to announce the special guests who will be performing. it’s a lot of chasing down Managers and agents and spreadsheets and budgets and what nots. Then there’s the fall tour and getting everything sorted for that. Glenn is handling the promotions and so many wonderful friends and fans of Bryan, Johnny, Arthur’s and Love in general are pitching in a helping hand for down the line, be it passing out flyers, putting up posters or lending us an amp, it’s nice that so many people care. And if you’re someone who wants to pitch in or have an idea of something cool and creative for this tour (or have an amp to loan!), please do drop me a line at: travelsongs@yahoo.com

So anyways, how cool is this, Rusty, Dave Jenkins, our boss Paul Flynn and myself have tickets to see Steely Dan at the Nokia Theatre July 23!!!!! woohooo! Their keyboardist, Jeff Young – a super swell guy, made sure we were able to buy great seats that are reserved for friends and family of the Dan. Jeff is a regular customer and an unreal keyboardist. So when he stops by the shop I immediately start jamming Dan songs and he inevitably joins in! So I am excited about that. Also, next week, I am going to start booking some Baby Lemonade shows that will feature a shorter version of the fall tour (more or less, about 14 songs as opposed to 30+ for the fall!). Orange County and San Diego are two areas I want to explore, saving LA for further down the road, although you never know. Might even look into a residency somewhere a month before we leave. Something fun. Plus we are looking at all those songs fans want! We’ll be busy for sure!

Mike Randle

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