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Getting Ready For Oct 7 Ramona, California Show (And Poli-Rant!)
Oktober 3, 2008

For this gig, we are performing 2 sets and not repeating anything so if you live anywhere near Ramona (which is in Northeast San Diego County), come on out and have some fun. We added a bunch more Love tunes (some of which we ain’t played since 2002) to our Baby Lemonade set and I borrowed Dave Jenkins 12-string Electric to bring some of those early songs to life. Of course, we’ll also have the BEST OF CD for sale and free posters. Everyone is excited and it seems like this is going to be a very fun event. So come out! Yes…and to answer those emails of what i think about the knuckleheads in Washington DC….

Good lord, I watched the vice-presidential debate and it seemed like a SNL skit. The politicians are making it more and more difficult for comedians to make fun of them; true life is becoming funnier than parody.

Things everywhere in the US and A are getting tighter than a mosquitoe’s arse. The US Government is panicking like the teen that has to clean up the party wrecked house before mom and dad return home early from their out of town trip. For ages, voters could give a monkey’s. Now they’re learning the hard way; when Wall Street and Government get drunk and sleep together, Taxpayers get the hangover and guilt.

I made a promise (and I hope i’ve kept to it)that I wouldn’t write anymore diatribes against ‘ol Dubya because, after his re-election, I figured that the voters are simply sadistic and really can’t be told anything; they HAVE to learn the hard way.

And that’s what makes America so f*cking amazing (sorry, Finland!). We can fall asleep at the wheel and appear seemingly stupid beyond words but then, just when you think you know us, we spring into action and rescue our Democracy from clueless nationalist (and their phony patriotism) like Hellboy II after a 12-pack. I believe that is what truly makes us special and that, my friend, is what makes our founding fathers sleep well in their graves.

American politics these days remind me of a Big Mac; all style, no substance. So I say, let’s make 2008 and beyond the time of meaning and peace and ideas and art and strength and Love and brotherhood and sisterhood and friendship and togetherness and prudence and smarts and selflessness and spirit and tolerance and all things that life needs for people to survive together and be free. Be wise with our Military and stop borrowing money! Why should North Korea listen to anybody that owes China $500,000,000,000?

I say, let’s concentrate on the BIG picture, which is enjoying our lives and doing the things in life you do the best. It is, afterall, what seperates you from the rest.

Mike Randle

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